Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Illamasqua Vernau vs MUA Undressed

I recently featured Illamasqua Vernau on the blog, and today, I thought I would show you my reasons why. For my eye makeup, I tend to keep it simple daily. A neutral contoured eye, with a slick of liquid liner. It's simple to create, but I love the classic defined finish. I had been using an MUA Undressed (MUA, £4.00) for one shade, shade 6, for the sole purpose of adding a contoured shadow into my crease. I found it annoying I couldn't pick up this shade singly, so I revisited Illamasqua's sale, and came across a shade I found looked similar. I rarely online shop, and I never online shop for makeup. I'm one of those people that like to look at products in person. So, I was shopping blindly. I do have to rate Illamasqua's online moving swatches for each product. I think this is such a positive concept on their site, for people like me. You can see the product being used in motion, rather than seeing a still swatch.

I knew I wanted a warm shade, as I use it everyday, and Vernau (Illamasqua, £15.50) jumped out at me. With no second thoughts, I ordered it. The fact that at the time, it was also only £4.50, also acted in my favour. If my blind buying failed on me, at least I didn't wasted £15.50! As you can see from the swatched above, the MUA shade has incredibly poor pigmentation in comparison to the Illamasqua product. As the pigmentation I had been used to daily was weak, I had to become aware of Illamasqua's powerful pigmentation. I barely sweep my brush against the pan, and grab enough product to sweep in the hollows of my eye. Vernau is described as Yellow Ochre, and I believe this is one of those shades that you can blend with. Say you fancy a smokey eye, or a cut crease, you can use this as your base, to 'stencil' where you would like your shadow. This blends out to look like a natural shadow in your eye socket, which is exactly what I was looking for. I am so impressed with this eyeshadow, and I love the packaging. For this being my first high end eyeshadow, I would definitely consider purchasing more shades!

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  1. I love comparisons between high and and budget buys, so this was really interesting to read :o). Xx



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