Sunday, 26 January 2014

Luxe Jesmond Gel Nails ♥

As a beauty blogger, my favourite aspect of all things beauty is nails. I love to have freshly manicured nails, usually lacquered with my favourite brand, Essie. However, for the past 7 weeks, I have been getting a Shellac or commonly known gel manicure. A gel manicure is essentially a gel formulated polish, which is cured under a UV light, which will last 2-3 weeks. I have included a collection of pictures of my nail, from the past few weeks, so you can compare the length of my nails. I began with quite short nails. I say short, although at the time I thought they were a fairly good length. Around two weeks later, I had another set of gel nails applied. You can already tell the length in which my nails have grown. I then chose to have thi gorgeous nude peach shade, which I have had so many compliments on, I actually considered getting it again. My nails have grown from strength to strength, longer than ever before with just regular nail polish. I wouldn't say I have brittle nails, they are generally quite strong, although they would end up breaking/splitting/peeling at a certain length. As this is my fourth set of gel nails, I thought it was about time to give a review as I have gained a really in-depth opinion!

Now, many people aren't too keen on gel nails. They can have a history of making your nails delicate or fragile, although throughout having mine continuously applied over 7 weeks, I have found my nails growing strength to strength. I always find getting my nails done, so therapeutic. For those who are quite new to gel nails, the process is really quite simple, but very effective! You start with your natural nails, which are filed and buffed into your desired shape. A specially formulated base coat is applied and cured under a UV light. This step is repeated with 2-3 layers of your chosen shade, and is finalised with a formulated gel top coat. Your gel nails will look incredibly glossy throughout the 2-3 weeks wearing.

As I have my own home, I of course have duties such as dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. The gel nails are always put through the test with me! I find I have very minimal chipping at the end of the 2-3 weeks, which is just incredible. With an average, or my desired polish, Essie, I would find my nails lasted around 1 week, until I needed to repaint. Although the positive is a new shade to choose form, your nails wouldn't benefit from any added strength. Gel nails have added such length to my nails that I have never has before, I actually had to get them trimmed shorter, because they were growing so long! If you are someone who can't get on with acrylic nails, or extensions, like me, these are the perfect alternative! You have your own natural nails, with a polish to protect, strengthen and look gorgeous!

I visit the salon Luxe Jesmond, where you can find lots of deals regularly on there Twitter page @luxejesmond. They also have an amazing Instagram page, where you can see some beautiful nail candy! Of course, Luxe Jesmond also offer various treatments, such as waxing, eyebrows, lashes, tanning, and more. You must check out their beautifully decorated salon!

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  1. So pleased I found your post! Thanks to you I'm visiting Luxe tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes. :-)


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