Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Soap & Glory | Mini's & Birthday Gift!

I cannot resist a good old 3 for 2 offer at Boots, especially when it applies to Soap & Glory products. I'm a big fan of picking up their mini travel sizes products, as this gives me a chance to try hem out, before I buy the full size. This also gives me the opportunity to try lots of things at once, without being stuck with huge amounts of products!

I picked up three of these products myself & receive the fourth as a birthday gift.
My bathroom & bedroom is slowly filling up with pink, resembling a pink princesses room with all of these!
I have been wanting a hand gel for a while, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to pick one up. I love how dainty the bottle is, perfect to fit in my bag, or keep on your bedside table, etc. This will come in so handy, when I return to college!

This is described to be fresh, fruity, floral scented - In would totally agree. It sounds as though it would be overly sweet & womanly, truth being, this smells just as Soap & Glory as the next product, with faint hints of fruits & floral. I use this, whenever my hand are feeling a bit.. urgh. I'm really enjoying using this, & the packaging makes it look so much more attractive to pull this out of your handbag!

I was slightly disappointed by this, which made my heart sink. I love all of the products I have so far used, just this one didn't click with me. Damn. I found this wouldn't really lather.. or anything.
Its recommended to apply to slightly damp skin, which I find a bit of a pain, having to wait to air dry/towel dry whilst in the tub/shower, when usually you can be soaking wet to activated lather!

I will continue to try & work through this. I'm happy I have had the chance to try it for myself. The scent is as Soap & Glory would smell like, scented with Mist You Madly's notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla & musk, with built in moisturising matrix (oo-er!).

I remember a while ago, everyone going wild about this product, being a holy grail, etc. As far as body butters go, I am quite content with my The Body Shop butters, always have, always will.
I have never thought to myself to rush out & pick this up, as it takes me long enough to get through body products as it is (currently working through 3 large tubs & 2 small tubs of TBS Body Butters!).

This has a really creamy, thick, luxurious texture, which I quite like, as I generally apply mine after a bath at night, so they can sink in all night. I'm not a fan of applying things in the morning/throughout the day. Just me?
This body butter holds the aroma's of leafy greens, bergamot & mandarin, followed by musk, oakmoss, amber & woody notes. Beautiful!
This is my very lovely mother bought me for my birthday, after I told her how much I love Soap & Glory - I am presuming, anyway! I didn't know Soap & Glory offered a Bubble Bath, so this was a lovely surprise for me - bonus points to you, Mam!

I love the fact that this has a body lotion built in to the formula, so if you're lazy like me, sometimes, then you can skip the time consuming lotions & potions after your bath!
I was unsure whether this would bubble up, like a good old Radox. This certainly does! Its the most perfect bubble bath I could dream of. I love my Soap & Glory baths, surrounded my pink, retro packaging - which makes interesting reads, floating in bergamot, strawberries & mandarin, musk, amber & warm vanilla scents!

So, all in all, I love all of my S&G products, with a few exceptions, that I am determined to work through!

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?
Do you like these kind of posts?




  1. try the Foamy Fruity scrub. I love it!

    1. Mm, sounds so good! I'll have to try it!


  2. Wonderful post dear :)

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