Friday, 7 September 2012

Rimmel London | Kate Moss Matte Autumn Collectio Lipstick

I recently heard of Kate Moss launching her second collection for Rimmel London. This will consist of five shades, ranging from red, burgundy, pink & nude. There is something that will be sure to suit everyone.

This will be the first matte lipstick I own, which will be perfect for autumn/winter. Something special about these lipsticks, is they also contain Ruby Powder, which is meant to provide a more intense colour hit.
I wish I got the chance to check out the collection for myself, so I could swatch them all, unfortunately, I couldn't, so I did the next best thing..
As the collection is yet to be launched on 3rd October, their Facebook Page are giving their fans an exclusive opportunity to purchase the lipsticks in this collection early! I jumped at this opportunity & picked up the colour I wanted most, which is Shade 113, purely because its a pinky nude, which is something I have been trying to find left, right & centre, without forking out on a high end lipstick.

The shade is a peachy nude, which is a new shade for me!
As its a matte finish, I found I had to exfoliate my lips, just so the lipstick had a better base to apply to. Even though the formulation is a matte one, the consistency is fairly creamy, which makes it a dream to apply, without dragging your lips. The staying power is quite strong, which makes it convenient for busy bodies!
What is also amazing about the FB offer, is apart from the fact that they are free delivery, you will also receive a free nail polish. I'm unsure as to whether this applies to all orders, but make sure to check it out!

Have you checked out Kate Moss's new Matte Lipstick Collection for Rimmel?
What are your thoughts?




  1. This looks lovely, and I must add I love your new layout! xx

    1. Thank you! I'm still hoping to play around with the layout, but I love how clean & simple it now looks! The lipstick is such a pretty colour, too!



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