Friday, 21 September 2012

NOTW | Essie Very Structured

As Autumn time has come, I decided it was time to co-ordinate my nails with the current season. Finally! My Nails of the Week comes in the form of a brand called Essie! This polish was featured in my Fall Favourites (link). After publishing it, I couldn't wait to paint my nails with this!
Without flash
I picked this up for a lovely £1.99 at my local discounted make up stall. I always pop over for a look if I am near by, to see what little gems they are hiding. I so far have three Essie polishes, paying no more than £1.99 for them. Win, win!

Once I picked this up, I thought to myself I probably wouldn't wear it, but I couldn't pass up this deal. As the time is falling into Autumn, I found an excuse to finally use it. I really love it. The best words to describe the colour, is a burnt sienna. Its a mix between brown & orange. I think this looks really good against my pale skin & the length of my current nails.
With this polish, I only applied one coat, as that's all I really needed. I'm hoping this polish has good staying power, but after doing never ending housework, I don't think there is a polish out there that can withhold that!
With flash
I am really enjoying wearing this shade of colour. The only other brown colour I love wearing & own, is Barry M's Mushroom, which is a gorgeous milk chocolate shade!

You can pick this up here (link).

Have you tried this shade by Essie? What are your thoughts?
Whats your favourite polish for Fall/Autumn time?



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  1. Essie for £1.99?!? crazy prices!
    Loving blogtober


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