Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review | Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Today, I have to review for you something you have all heard of in the bloggersphere. Oil. Hair oil that is!
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment to be precise!
I have recently started to look after my hair more, by styling, deep conditioning, etc. You know the drill!
This will be my third hair oil I own, so its been interesting to use them all & compare what I prefer, what works bets for me, advantages/disadvantages, price, etc.
 Firstly, we'll get onto the packaging. This comes in the form of jazzy lime green accents, with brown background. These colours work really well together, as well as standing out from all the other professional, structured looking bottles on the shelves.
As well as one of my other hair oils, this comes in a small class bottle, as well as being available in 10ml, 30ml & 125ml. Also a 60ml Spray bottle. I imagine this would be great for distributing the product more thoroughly, opposed to pouring the product into you hands, etc.
 I found the formulation & consistency of the product to be quite similar to the other hair oils I have used. A medium formula, that is quite runny, so its easy to pour & distribute. This comes in a light golden colour.
I found this leaves more of a residue on your hands, after applying to your hair. Most of you will be thinking, well naturally, as it is a hair oil! Duh! But as I said earlier, in comparison to my others, this leaves more. This doesn't have too much of a scent, very subtle & natural, which is quite nice to use.

What I was pleased to hear, is that you can add this oil as an enhancement, into your own hair conditioners, to create a more intensive condition for your hair. You can also apply this before colouring your hair, to improve responsiveness & the ability to absorb. As well as adding the oil into your hair colouring mixture, to enhance colour shine, depth of colour & feel.
I like to apply this to the tips of my hair, working my way up, applying lightly to my ears, just to smooth away any fly aways, knots, etc, before blow drying. I pour this carefully into the palm of my hand, rub my hand together, to warm up the product, then begin to smooth it through my hair, concentrating on the end, & distributing the remainder of the product on my hands, further up my hair, to my ears. I don't like to apply this higher, as I do hair fairly fine, light hair, so I like to try & keep it lightweight as possible from the roots. Once applied, I blow dry as usual.

This makes my hair feel so soft & smooth. I know many of you have probably heard this a million times, but for my hair, it makes it feel manageable, silky & what a hairdresser can normally only achieve!
The only con for me personally, is that it does leave a more oily residue onto my hands, so I do have to have a towel dry them before continuing styling. This may not be anything to some people, but its always worth mentioning pros & cons!

I have yet to try the Deep Repair Masque, as I am waiting until my hair is in dire need of it. I do find I like to use these treatments, when my hair has took a good fry from my straighteners, or from pulling away with them, to create curls! I feel as though this instantly revives the appearance & feel.
I wouldn't say these products fix your hair, as fair as snapped hair & dead ends are concerned. I visit your salon is the only solution to that problem, although this can help the appearance!

Expect a review on the Deep Repair Masque to come soon!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (link).

Have you tried the Healing Oil Treatment?
What are your thoughts? If you would like to see a hair oil comparison, let me know!




  1. This sounds good. I would be really interested in seeing a hair oil comparison, as I have tried so many serums and things, so I'm always on the look out for new hair things to try :) x

    1. I will type up a comparison post! I think it will be great to get an idea of the difference in the products, prices, etc! :)


  2. LuceeLove,
    Thank you for such a great review. We can't wait to read your review on our deep repair masque.

    Macadamia Team

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to try it, I shall share my thoughts with you!
      I'm looking forward to looking further into your products!



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