Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fifty Facts About Me.

Since I have been seriously slacking in blogging lately, I thought what better way to return, than tell you a bit more about me. I don't have a particularly interesting life, so this could be a boring one! There is 50 things for me to tell you, so lets see what I can tell you all!

1. I am a college student, studying Art and Design, hoping to be studying Fine Art at University this year.
2. I barely drink. As a 21 year old, this may sound strange, but I'm quite content this way.
3. I trust very few people.
4. I love going on journeys. Even just a 15 minute train ride will make me happy.
5. If I could, I would wear PJs all day long. No joke.
6. I am even more content being home. I would much rather me in the comfort of my own home, than party every night.
7. I wish I was as thin as I was years ago, but I have come to terms that I was a lot younger then. Body shapes change.
8. I have been with my other half for four years. Four long, difficult years, I tell you. I wouldn't change it for the world, though.
9. I kept a strict skincare routine, which only made my skin worse. I now stick to cleanse, tone and moisturise, only.
10. I love a good pamper night, especially on a Sunday, consisting of an hour soak and face masks.
11. I have sadly never left the country. I would like this to change by next year, hopefully!
12. It is my dream to go to New York. I WILL ONE DAY.
13. I have no tattoos. Complete virgin skin. I am happy with that.
14. I do however, have piercings. Scaffolding, conch, first and second lobe, belly button.
15.  I would happily live off all healthy foods, and probably not look back. If only things weren't so expensive.
16. I donate blood. No sentimental reason, but its good to know I am doing something positive.
17. I have a cat named Kitten. She is about 2 and a half years old. My other half arranged for someone to spontaneously drop her off. We never did choose a name for her, hence 'Kitten'..
18. I went to see Jessie J for my 21st birthday. This view was so worth it after waiting HOURS in the pouring rain and muddy fields.
19. I have an rather unhealthy obsession with chocolate. There is genuinely rarely a day that goes by, that I don't have any chocolate. So bad.
20. I own one high end product.
21. I am a perfectionist. I need everything to be a certain way.
22. My favourite season is Autumn/Winter, but this year, I can't wait to see a bit of sun and have warmth hitting me!
23. I watched King King for the first time last night and cried my eyes out. I am a sucker for a sad movie. I don't know why I do it!
24. Without fail every night, I catch up with my YouTube subscriptions, to the annoyance of my other half.
25. I have wanted children of my own for a long time. With uni now on the horizon, my two beautiful nephews will fill that gap. :)
26. I'm looking forward to actually sitting on a grassy bank, with a packed lunch, as the other half fishes.
27. I love to have freshly painted nails. I hate that they never last longer than a day or so.
28. I love shellac nails even more!
29. I really enjoy baking. Not saying I'm particularly good at it, but I love baking sweet treats. I would love to try baking bread.
30. I am obsessed with The Walking Dead. So sad I have to wait until February for it to return. Not long now!
31. I'm more appreciative of everything in life, as I get older.
32. I have plenty of pet hates. Too many to mention. One is have respect. The smallest thing to acknowledge, will get you far.
33. I never follow fashion trends. Just wear what I like and what I am comfortable with.
34. I have been engaged for nearly as long as I have been with my other half. I should have introduced him earlier. Meet John!
35. I have a very fair complexion, which makes finding a pale foundation, often difficult.
36. In Summer time, I drench myself in sun protection. As well as protecting myself, I enjoy having pale skin.
37. I could not live without my Samsung Galaxy S3, now I have it.
38. I religiously check my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I don't know why. I rarely update a status.
39. Skater dresses flatter my figure, better than any other cut of outfit.
40. I tried to make chocolate truffles as gifts for my family. This was a messy procedure, that I never finished. Good first attempt, though!
41. I'm determined to move house in the next year or so. As I am currently living in a flat, it would be nice to just step outside your front door.
42. I can't wait to purchase IKEA storage and furniture for when we move!
43. Marilyn Monroe had a figure to die for. This is something I always have in mind for myself. I will never be stick thin. Embrace the curves!
44. My favourite meal is Lemon Chicken and Chips/Rice or Lasagne.
45. My favourite restaurant is Frankie and Bennys. For sentimental reasons, as well as its a delicious restaurant!
46. I dream to have thick, luxurious hair, whilst I have thin, flat hair. Boo!
47. I don't understand comedies  My worst nightmare would be to have to attend a comedy night. The only comedian I like is Lee Evans.
48. I went to see my first pantomime recently. To see Peter Pan, featuring Tom Lister aka Carl King in Emmerdale. I can't wait to see another one!
49. I'm determined to go on walks. Even if they are local. The picture I took below is from around form where I live. No excuses with a scene like that!
50. This tag was surprisingly difficult! There is so many facts I could tell, but thinking of them all at once, isn't so easy. Woo, I made it to 50!

I really enjoyed doing this tag. I originally saw this tag on Beautifully Superfluous. It gave me the opportunity to reminisce over the past few years and encourage me to do more things! Roll on Summer, I say!

I tag everyone that would love to do this tag. Go on, you will enjoy it! Let me know if you have done this, so I can have a little read!




  1. I get what you mean about staying in rather than going out! I haven't done this but I have done a 50 things I've done post which is pretty close! x

    1. I would much rather stay in. Maybe I'm just getting old at the grand age of 21! ;)

      It was a really fun post to do! :)



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