Sunday, 15 January 2012


This is my Nails Of The Week. I'm lucky enough to just get away with wearing my polish for a week, without too much chipping, peeling, etc, depending on how many dishes I can haggle my way out of! So, I have opted to use my new polishes from Christmas, which I have eventually had the opportunity to try!
No flash


Flash & close up
So, as you can see, I chose a beautiful metallic gold, with subtly shimmery purple crackle on top. I've loved the crackle polishes since they were released, & I still am, whether people think they were so last season or not! I was super happy to received the purple version, as its my favourite colour! The gold, I received in my No7 Nail Art set (which I have previously blogged about!). 

So, I firstly I started by shaping my nail with a nail file until I was happy. I then applied a No7 Base Coat. Continuing one, I applied a even coat of the No7 gold polish. What I found great, was I only needed to apply one coat to get amazing coverage. Impressive, No7! For the crackle, you can apply a thin or thick coat, depending on the outcome you wish to create. A thin coat will make the crackle very thin, allowing you to see more of the base colour. Applying a thicker coat will obviously thicken the crackle, allowing it to be more bolder. I decided to apply just in between a thin & thick, & alternate. Finally, I coated my nail with No7 Top Coat, to seal in all the layers & leave my nails with a beautiful shine!

What I found with the crackle polish, is its stunningly gorgeous in the bottle, with shimmers running through the whole polish. However, once applied to the nail, it will appear quite matte & dull. But, not to worry! Once you apply your Top Coat - which is recommended to prevent chipping, enabling your nails to last longer! You will see the colour instantly come back to life as it looks in the bottle! I've never ever been disappointed with Barry M's Nail Paints, & I can't see myself ever being so. They come in such a wide variety if shades, perfect for anyone! I'm also very impressed with No7's polishes. They are incredibly durable & long lasting, more so if you apply the recommended two coats & top coat, however, they do have an amazing coverage for one coat!

The products I used:
No7 Gold Polish (as it was from a Christmas set, I'm not sure on the shade)

I hope you enjoed reading this post, as much as I did writing it! I love anything to do with nails!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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