Sunday, 8 January 2012

Soaking off Gel Nails

I recently had gel nails applied, which I have previously made a previous post about! As much as I loved them, as they were incredibly long lasting & durable, I just wanted to use all my new nail polishes I got for Christmas, so I decided to look up on YouTube how to remove gel nails, & tried it for myself!

What you will need:
- Nail File
- Torn up strips of any kitchen aluminium foil
- Acetone Nail Polish Remover
- Cotton Pads


Once you have these at the ready, you will want to take your nail file & remove the shiney polish on top of your soak of gel manicure. As you can tell from mine, I only endured a small bit of chipping from having them done a few days before NYE. I'd recommend if you have Swarvoski crystals, see if you can try & remove the majority of them yourself, in a safe & comfortable manner. This well help the nail polish remover soak into the nails, rather than swimming around the crystals.
I had someone give me a helping hand as it was easier & quicker that way. You are able to do this on your own, although I took the opportunity for someone to help!]You simply want to soak your cotton pad in your nail polish remover, which must contain acetone (as far as I know anyway)! Wrap this/place this on your nail, making sure you've covered the whole of the nail area.
After soaking your cotton pad, etc, take a strip of you foil & wrap it around the nail, securing all of the cotton pad & liquid. The foil is there to make sure everything stays tightly in place & so non of the nail polish remover runs always, etc. You will end up with something like this! Its felt quite strange not being able to easily access anything! I personally kept mine on for an hour, whilst watching the soaps, as I wasn't sure if my nail polish remover was strong enough to soak it away within the other recommended times of 15-20 minutes. Most people on tutorials recommended using acetone, although I only had what I used, & it successfully did the job!
All of your fingers should be tightly covered with foil, with soaked nail polish remover cotton pads. I personally left mind on for an hour, although I found you can easily slip off one of the wraps to check & replace it & tighten it.
Now your done! After an hour, I rubbed the little wraps on my nails before removing them, just to make sure! If there is any little bits left, simply take your nail file to remove them. I had no problem using this whole technique at home to remove my gel manicure. I now have bare nails, which I never have! I decided to having nothing on them, but a nail strengthening nail polish, just so my nails could have rest for a few days before I painted them with my new polishes!

So I hope that was helpful to anyone! This technique really is easy & simply, requiring not a lot of things.

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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