Wednesday, 11 January 2012

e.l.f False Eyelashes!

Now, I'm not personally an eyelash girl, just give me lashings of mascara & I'm content, however, on my first ever order to e.l.f a while back, I ordered some falsies, purely to try them out & for £1.50, who can complain?! They've been sitting in my make up collection gathering dust, as I've never bothered to actually try them out.These are the first ever pair of eyelashes I have applied, so if they do not look correct - I'll get the hang of it!

 So, I simply applied these for the purpose of this blog post. I used a clear tube of glue that came with the lashes, although I believe e.l.f's new lashes now come with a white squeezy tube. I ran the product down the spine of the lash, making sure I've coated it thoroughly & waiting for about a minute whilst blowing, to make the product tacky, meaning easier & more successful application. I used my Tweezerman tweezers to hold the lashes in the middle, placing them on my own eyelash line. Once the middle of the falsie is secure, you can go ahead & put the two ends in place. There you have it. 

I have seen so many YouTube tutorials that include lashes, so I wasn't particularly lost of the application process. The length of the falsies are pretty suitable for me, although I probably would trim away about two eyelashes worth, to make them fit more comfortably. As I haven't worn false eyelashes before, I found them strange to wear at first, although I got used to them quite quickly. I found these to be really comfortable & light to wear, especially since I haven't before.

The lashes I applied are the Natural Lash Kit, however, I wouldn't say they were natural! If I were to wear these through the day time, I would probably trim the length of the lashes, to emphasise volume & thickness, rather than length. They have a lovely thin band, which makes them easier to apply. I wouldn't say the glue is amazing, but its perfect for me, because as I don't wear false lashes, I have no real need to purchase DUO glue or any other self adhesive. I have yet to try them throughout the day, so if I do, I will update the post to state their longevity & durability. Overall, I think these are amazing for £1.50. They perfect for people (like me), just starting to out with experimenting with falsies, so if you ruin them, its not he end of the world! These are also available in brown, although I chose black.

I will most definitely be adding some more of these lashes to my order, when I next place mine. I'm wanting some Natural, Dramatic & Individual Lashes. I can imagine this might become quite addictive!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




  1. I placed some in my last order...I myself have never wore false lashes, but watching youtube videos I have noticed that a lot of the girls do wear them and would have never known until I saw the video.

    They look good!

  2. I've never worn them before until I noticed a lot of make up tutorials included them! This was my first attempt, so thank you!

    Hope you enjoy yours!


  3. Wow, your eyes are really pretty! are they natural or are you wearing contack lenses?

  4. Thank you so much! These are my natural eyes.



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