Wednesday, 4 January 2012

M&S Lavender Collection

I rarely do shop in to Marks & Spencer, which is a shame, because they do some lovely things. Recently, Pixiwoo Samantha Chapman recently posted a review about their make up range, which I definitely want to check out now! Thank god for blogs! So, I received this gift bag for Christmas, full of Lavender loveliness! You can purchase this gift bag here. The bag consists of:

Silky Talcum Powder
Foaming Bath Cream
Shower Cream
Body Puff
Hand & Body Lotion
Apologise about the shoddy quality. I decided to be a night owl!
So, as you can see, you get some lovely packaged products, that would look lovely in your bathroom or bedroom. You get full sze products in this set, which is great. I usually get the Rose scent, so it was nice to try something new!

With it only just been Christmas, I am still getting the chance to try out my new smellies! So, so far I have tried the Bath Cream. You don;t need much of this, as it creates wonderful bubbles, whist pouring it into running water. This honestly fumes your whole bathroom, with this beautiful floral Lavender scent.

I have also tried the Talcum Powder. I haven;t used this since I was really young, when I used to use the Johnsons Baby Talcum powder, which is also a brilliant product! What can I say? It let you smelling gorgeous,l whilst leaving you silky soft!

Again, I have also used the Cream Cream. I poured this out on to my Body Puff, then it created lovely luscious bubbles & foam. It was so nice to apply & again, has a floral scent. 

The lavender scent isn't by any means over powering, in my opinion. Its a lovely hint of fragrance, that's stays with you as you bathe.

I'm really happy I received this gift bag & got the chance to try a different scent, to what I normally would. Marks \& Sparks is worth having a look through. There is a lot of hidden gems, to what you would normally expect!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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