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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Blemish Balm Cream in Light

I've been pondering over whether to invest in this little beauty since it released, however, the one downfall is the shading. This product only comes in Light & Medium. For me, this normally wouldn't be too bad as I'm fairly pale & I always get away with the lightest shade, although I've heard this Light shade isn't as light as fair skin tones would like. So, I managed to get my hands on a sample, so I could try this without buying the full size & having it sitting in my draw! The product..

As this came in a little packet, & tore the edge to squeeze the product out, This method isn't as easy as a pump, as you can see from the amount fo product on my hand! The colour is fairly light, which I was immediately happy with. The formulation looks quite thick, which would suggest full coverage. I personally prefer to apply my foundation with my fingers, as it warms up the product, enabling improved application & blending. As this first looks & feels thick, it sharply lightened up in texture, to a slightly thicker tinted moisturiser formulation. This felt lovely & comfortable to apply. It sits on the skin beautifully during application. As I was concerned with the shading, & didn't want to go for a look that didn't suit my skin tone, I used a Stipple Brush at the end to fully blend everything in, to create a flawless, natural finish.
BB Cream Application
BB Cream & Concealer

BB Cream, Concealer & powder
Unfortunately, I decided to apply this in the afternoon, just as I began to lose natural lighting, so I apologise for that! From just applying this product, it gave a smooth, medium coverage, moisturised finish. This felt wonderfully comfortable on this skin & lovely to work with. I didn't find the need to work too much with the product, which is ideal for me on early mornings! From the coverage of the product alone, it has instantly improved my skins appearance, evening everything out. This is great or if you need to pop to the shops & can't bare going naked faced! I, however, need slightly more coverage, just to conceal some imperfections. I like how subtle your skin looks with this product. You don't look caked in make up, which is something I really dislike. I like knowing I have the coverage I need, with as less amount of make up as possible!
I finished the face off with a face powder, to matte the face & prevent oiliness throughout the day. 

Some information about the product, via Boots webiste:

What is Miracle Skin Perfector?

Its your latest beauty secret..... An all in one, super dooper, any time, anywhere skincare solution for perfected skin.

Use it on its own, use it as a primer, when you get up, after the gym, a post-work touch up, pre0-date beautifier... the list is endless.

Discover the 2 little letters that are driving beauty editors into a frenzy......B.B. has arrived!

Feel the sensation of the light texture that instantly melts your skin.

The formula with mineral pigments gives an instantly 'perfect' skin. Sheer coverage, imperfections look blurred, lines softened. Your skin looks luminous, smoother & more even. See the B.B. difference.

24hr hydration. Skin feels more supple, smoother, softer. Feel the B.B. difference.

UV protection: SPF15 to help protect the skin.

Go B.B! In just one step, even, cover, hydrate, illuminate & help protect your skin.

What are B.B. creams?
A skincare sensation that has swept Asia.....B.B. has arrived!

B.b. creams (short for Blemish Balms) are hybrid products which combine the benefits of skincare & make up in one.

Initially developed by a German dermatologist in the 1950s, to soothe skin & provide coverage, B.B. Creams were make famous in South Korea by an actress famed for her beautiful skin.

Over the following years, they became a cult must-have product across Asia due to their sheer, flawless finish & their "all-in-one" qualities.

Now, Garnier bring you their first B.B. cream, the Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

Discover perfect-looking skin! Go B.B!

I'm really happy with this product. It has a lovely fresh scent, applies like a dream & sits on the skin beautifully. As I was sceptical about the shading, I'm happy with the outcome. I didn't have an orange toned outcome, or any discolouration. This seems fabulous for popping out, during the day or night. You are also easily able to layer this up to your desired application. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I did writing it! As I have wanted this for a while, its great to know the ins & outs before purchasing.

Thank you!




  1. I really wanted to like this but I got three samples and they made my face feel really weird and I didn't like the finish that it left- it was sort of a wet stick finish on me if I remember rightly? It really isn't for me! :) xxxx

  2. Oh, no! I haven't worn this all day, but so far it seems okay. Did you not apply a finishing powder? I guess its one of those products that has its pros & cons. More so depending the person!


  3. I've never tried BB creams so undecided between this and the new N07 one xxx

  4. I was exactly in your predicament. I really fancy No7's, too. Decisions!



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