Monday, 16 January 2012


So, I'm not the biggest lipstick fan, but I have been trying to wean myself into them, as they can instantly change any make up look, with a slick of lippy. Here is two shades I own, with the third being in my previous 'Ombre Lips' post.

Firstly I have Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Sparkling Nude. Now, something I hate is swatches that aren't genuine to the actual shade in brochures or online, so with Avon & ordering, you can't really browse through their shades. However, I do believe you can return products you're not happy with. I really wanted a neutral nude shade, so, I chose this Sparkling Nude. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of how glittery this lipstick was. Teamed up with some gloss, will definitely soften this, though. The formulation is very smooth, & long lasting. The sensation of applying this, you can tell it will hold for a long time, throughout be day, which is great! 

Lastly, I have Boots 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Beehive. This is a gorgeous, silky texture & formulation, which is defiantly my 'go to' lipstick. Its in between a gloss & lipstick, which is great if you're on the move a lot, & don't really have the time or patience to apply to different products to achieve one look. Now, don't be off putted by the shade of  the lipstick in its lipstick form. It looks incredibly pinky & not nude or 'my lips but better', at all. Which is exactly my though upon purchasing it! However, I've heard lots of reviews about this & I do not regret purchasing this, Its such a pretty colour & formula. Perfect for any age & skin tone, as its so glossy pigmented.

So, those are the lipsticks I so far own. Nothing remotely special! I would however LOVE to invest in MAC's Lipstick in He, or any nude shade. If anyone had any recommendations on dupes, etc, please comment below. I love hearing feedback!

Thank you!




  1. They’re both really nice colours! Avons shading just annoys me! I ordered a ‘peach’ coloured lip gloss- The colour was bright red. I fail to understand how bright red is remotely close to peach :|

  2. Thank you! Oh, really?! That's why I'm usually put off ordering online! I do fancy their Satin lipstick in Pout, though!


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