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Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

I recently purchased this product from Boots here, on their current deal, which is buy one, get second half price on selected products. I couldn't resist this offer, so I went ahead & purchased a Maybelline foundation (which I have recently blogged about) & got this, too. I was so excited to try this, as I'm an avid Liquid Eye Liner lover, always have been, thought I always would be! I thought I would try it out a little bit first, just to get the gist of it, & let you know about how I got on!

Here is some photographs of the product close up. I apologise about the slight blurriness!
So, this comes in a 'clear' glass/hard plastic pot. There is also a label on the bottom of the product, informing you what shade you own. This also has a very secure screw top, which is excellent, as your product will not dry out, as its certainly air tight!
The formulation of this Gel Liner is beautifully smooth, which easily & effortlessly glides over your eyelid. I found that I didn't have to tuck away at my eye, to achieve a smooth, crisp line.
This product came with a handy, well constructed Eye Liner Brush, which I found was great that it was included. It has a lovely soft brush, which packs on the Liner so well, you don't need to dip it back into the pot. The liner brush is quite flat, with a a nicely pointed tip, allowing you to apply the liner thinly, with a perfected flick, of you desire!
As I have always worn a Liquid Liner, no matter what the brand, I have over the years, taught myself how to create my own perfect line, which is usually a winged out flick look. I was able to achieve this quite quickly & effortlessly (bearing in mind this has taken me a few years to perfect!)
Since now trying this new product, I have to spend a little more time to apply this, as I haven;'t yet grasped my own technique. I still use the same method: apply the product to the centre of my eyelid, working my way across to the outer end, create a flick, & then come back & fill in the start of my eye. I now have to work a little slower, just so I can work out how much product to apply to the brush & how much pressure to apply onto my eye, so on & forth with. I believe I'm getting the hang of it now, considering I grab this Gel Liner on a dark, early morning to line my eyes, with not a lot of time to perfect properly.

I love the fact that this is so long lasting, as it is waterproof, which it actually is! Many products claim to be waterproof, but this one, you have to remove with a make up wipe, or whatever you generally use. It is recommended you use waterproof eye remover, however I didn't even know this & I've been find with ordinary make up wipes! You don;t have to drag your eye, either, which is great. This had amazing longevity. It lasts beautifully throughout the day, which is just so nice for me!

purchased this in Black, which is genuinely the blackest black. Its so intense, requiring only one coat of the liner, as it is so opaque.

I love the fact that you can easily create a day time look, or a nigh time look. With how creamy & smooth the formulation of the product is, you can also create either thick or thin lines, which ever you desire! I can't comment at the moment about how long it will last, as far as drying out is concerned, as I have only recently started to sue it, however, I shall keep you updated! Feel free to comment and suggestions below, I love hearing feedback!

According to Boots website on this product from Charlotte Willer (MNY Global Make-Up Artist):

- Up to 24hour liner
- The Gel Liner comes with a brush
- The point is very flexible, so its easy to apply the liner
- You can extend it & make it pretty dramatic. Also, by going inside & under
- You take it from the inner point, as a thin liner, you turn the brush over to make a large line
- You take it towards the end, you turn the brush again, flick it, its very easy.
- This Gel Liner has an amazing staying power

I adore this. Its so easy to apply, I cannot stress this enough! As its only £7.99, which may be expensive to some, is a great product. Considering there isn't many Gel Liners on the market as far as the budgeted, high street brands are concerned, this is a great product. Its perfect for someone (like me!) wanting to practice with a different form of Eye Liner, before purchasing something possibly higher end. I doubt I personally will, though, I'm quite content with my Liquid Liners & this one!

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




  1. I prefer liquid to gel - I find it neater :) xx

  2. I do, too. I find it a lot quicker & easier, but I think I just need to get the hang of gel!

  3. Hello! I found your blog's name on Facebook page about ELF, so I am following you! :-) Nice blog! :-)
    Happy 212 from

  4. I'm absolutely terrible at applying liner! I can never do it straight :( it's not something I would try but I like the colour and the texture of it on your hand swatch xx

  5. Manuela - Hi! Thank you for following me, I'm so grateful! Your blog looks so pretty, but unfortunately I cant understand the language!

    Jenny - It took me so long to get the hang of it, but you truly do get better after LOTS of practice!
    Some people find it easier starting with liquid? You can pick it up from MUA's range for £1. Great product to teach yourself with!


  6. Great post think I will be trying this for winged liner!
    Lovely blog


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