Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Gruesome face. Perfect for fancy dress!

Now I know this is an odd post to blog about, but as I flicked through some pictures, I came across Halloween. Reminiscing over spending a few hours getting ready, I regretted not bolgging this step by step. However, I do have the final shots & really simple steps to achieve his look. As it has just turned January, Halloween is really out of the question, although this look would be perfect for fancy dress. You could quite easily glam this up to, in the sense of goring out one side of or face 7 making the other into a doll or something? I really wish I created this on my own face, but for a first attempt, I think the outcome was great, which I'm sure others did as they gasped at his appearance! - not to brag!
So, the outcome:
Essenstially, this is a really easy look to create, once you know the ropes, that is! So, I'll type up some steps for you to follow. I originallly followed a YouTube tutoroal that I had only viewd the night before, so this was a pretty spontaneous, 'let me put loads of things on your face' kind of looks! This took me 4 hours in total, all of which I was applying things to the face, or pottering about whilst things dried.

 What you need:
- PVA Glue
- Tissue paper
- Paint (Acryilic, or face paint will work) in Green, Red, Black & Brown
- Black eyeshadow
- Toothpick
- Vaseline
- Old paint brushes
1. Clean the face, using any product you wish, or simply water if need be & moisturise or apply a product you wish that will give your face some protection, if you have sensitive skin, etc.
2. On to the good stuff! Apply the glue to your face, small amounts. Rip some tissue off & simply stick it to the face. You can just apply one ply of paper, or 2 - 3, depending on the effect you wish to create! Once you have applied this technique to the areas of the face/body, cover with the glue. Use this time to add other bits if need be. Once you complete this messy stage, you will wait 30 minutes to an hour or so until it is tacky. You can now take this opportunity to use the tooth pick & tear the tissue, to create your 'wounds'. You can do this now or later, although now would be easier than when it is solidly dry! (Believe me!)
2. The messy part! You want to take a plastic plate, or something disposable that you can mix your Vaseline &  paint with. You could use something like a plate & wash it, but its convenient to use something disposable.
So, apply a small of paint (any colour as you will be using all of them evenly, depending on what effect you want) with the same amount of Vaseline. Mix these together with a cotton bud or brush. Now, simply apply to the face, covering what ever area you like. Here I applied green to the whole white area, covering the majority. Its okay if colour is peeping though, as you can layer!
3. Repeat the process with the next colour, so on & forth with! You can use browns & greens to give a rotted effect, which I chose to do. By including Vaseline into the mixture, its easier to apply & blend than pure paint. Don't worry about the paint getting on your skin if you're using Acrylic, is should be fine if your using a washable one. It doesn't matter what brand, You can always use face paint if you feel more comfortable.

4. You should have a rotten, dirty face. Lovely! Now you can apply fake blood/red paint & Vaseline to the insides of your wounds. You can extend this onto the 'mask' to make a realistic look.

5. Now, use an old (or new, depending if you don't mind some of your product missing) black eyeshadow, & scrape some on to your plate. Now add some Vaseline & mix into a paste. Apply to the eye area to hollow out. As I have used Vaseline, this will smudge & smear, so I chose to set it with pure black eyeshadow.

6. That's the basis really. It sounds really simple, nut for the first time, you're nervous & not sure what to do. I know this year I'll easily be able to work a lot faster, even squeezing in time to do my own face!
If you're unsure about applying certain products I have mentioned, you van simply research into it. Don't take my word for it, as we're all very different.
Removal of this is very easy, as you can see, I still have the 'mask'! You can easily peel this away. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face & moisturise, just to remove all the things that have been on your face!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Completely random, but hopefully useful! Its a great, simple technique with amazing results. You'll sure get some odd looks & strange questions!
I apologise on the quality of the images, I had flash on, which appears to have washed out the face, but you can see the result.

Thank you!



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