Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Just a really quick post to show you what I did to my eye make up today.  I usually tend to keep it basic, on a daily basis. Neutral eyes with slightly darker colour in the crease, with black liquid/gel eye liner. This morning I spontaneously decided to make a twist to my usual routine. I must say, I love it!

As you can tell, the quality of these photographs aren't the best, as it was incredibly dark this morning - nothing new there! Although it was mainly the eye liner I wanted to show you all. 
So, all I simple doing is create your normal winged out eye liner, although make it slightly thinner. From there, create another smaller thick just above it, enabling you to be able to see both flicks when your eyes are open & shut. I personally used a gel, eye liner for the majority of the look, however, I did change to a liquid one, just to sharpen the tips of the flicks.
This effect is so easy to create & it looks so different. Perfect way to ease your way  in to trying new things. I think this is so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post, I just thought I would share with you.
If you have any questions, comments, etc, please comment, I love hearing feedback!

Thank you!



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