Tuesday, 17 January 2012

VO5 Shampoos

So, I've heard a little about these shampoos on YouTube & blogs, so I thought I'd give them a try. Personally, as long as the shampoo will clean my hair, & make it appear & feel in better condition, that's all I need! 
I first purchased the Revive Me Daily 2 In 1. I thought it would be great, as its both a Shampoo & Conditioner, meaning its less faffing about, when I want a quick bath. This has a lovely Apple/Strawberry scent, which is gorgeous! Its formulation & texture is glossy & thick. This easily foams into the hair, when massaged. I prefer to let my hair naturally dry, just to prevent unnecessary heat damage. Unfortunately, when I wake up the next morning to completely dry hair, it has a horrible, thick, product build up. I hair thin hair, which has thickened over the years due to it being more healthy - less heat! This product made my hair unmanageably thick. It felt as though there was still product left over in my hair. I have re-used this to make sure I have completely rinsed away all product, but I end up with the same result. I will probably keep this just for emergencies if I run out of another shampoo. Its a shame, as I was really looking forward to using this. Let me know if any of you have the same issue? 
 Willingly to try this range again, I thought I'd purchase the Give Me Moisture, which I was pleasantly surprised with. This has a lighter consistency than the other one, with pretty much the same scent, which I was really happy with. I used the same application as before, & let my hair air dry naturally. I woke up happy with the results! This really does give your hair moisture! I don't have particularly dry hair, but I sometimes find my hair needs some extra TLC at times, so this is a saviour!

I hope you liked this short & sweet post! If you have any questions, queries, comments, recommendations, anything! Please let me know!

Thank you!



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