Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Latest E.L.F purchases!

So, recently E.L.F had a free shipping code on orders over £10, so I did just that! I only picked up a few items as I really couldn't  find anything I actually wanted. 
What I got:

The only items I particularly wanted, was the brush, lip colour & the matte top coat. I'm happy with everything I have received, although, once I opened the packaging on the brush, it broke! I wasn't happy, although for £1.50, what do you expect?! I immediately contacted the company, & they happily sent me another. So, I'm looking forward to receiving & trying that! I've heard about Voussontbeauetbelle on YouTube wearing these Matte Lip Colours, so I thought I would give them ago. For now, I can tell you I love them! I will most likely be doing separate reviews on what I think is worthy. I'm really looking forward to trying the Matte Top Coat! Has anyone else tried it? What's your thoughts?

So, I hopoe you enjoyed this little post! If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




  1. thankyou for commenting on my blog! The night princes perfume is sooo good! I sprayed it in debenhams the other day and you know when you're just like take a gasp and I was like to my friend I must get this! She was like what it's just a perfume- I don't think she really understands the lust that people can get over prefume! hahaha :) Oh and I have the matte top coat and it is great! The layer you have to put one is quite thick though for it to actually go matte- otherwise it is sort of A semi-matte effect! Oh and I also have the brush- I don't use it loads but I do find myself sometimes using it for bronzer!


  2. Wow, I never realised elf products were so cheap. The matte lip colour sounds lovely, is it like the top shop 'crayon' lip sticks?
    love Rosie x

  3. Islay - You're welcome! I'm so in love with the original so no doubt I will actually need the night one! I need to go get a spritz! I totally know what you mean, though! Thank you for the advice on the top coat, I'm hesitant about it. We shall see!

    Rosie - They are! Its great to splurge 'cause you'll get so much! I haven't tied the Topshop one's, but by the sounds, essentially yes. Its a crayon style product, with a twisty mechanism to release the product, if that makes sense! Its lovely. I want more!


  4. I love ELF and always have a good spree when they have a code!
    I may order the Matte topcoat next order

  5. I do, too! Their 50% off code a while back was the best!
    I can;t wait to try the top coat!



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