Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oxblood Loafers

I thought I would quickly share some new shoes I recently got. They're not to everyone's taste, I'm surprised I myself picked them up, but for £10 from £25 in the sales, you cannot got wrong. Cheaper than Primark, too! These were purchased from USC, which you can check out here. Their brand is Abandon & come in sizes 3-8, which are a laceless slip on design, with prominent stitching. Synthetic patent with high shine & stacked heel & cushioned insole.

As you can see there a deep burgundy colour, which immediately reminded me of Dr Martens Ox-blood's, in reference to the colour! They look as if they were originally bright red & they've been brushed all over with black shoe polish! There a slip on, which fit comfortably on my feet. These are also available in black, however, I thought these looked a little bit different than your average black shoe. I love the bold stitching on the shoe, it just adds that bit more uniqueness to the shoe!
I think these will be suitable for a lot of outfits, as they are quite subtle, but will make your outfit complete. I have a pretty red tartan dress which will go perfect with these, so I look forward to wearing these together!
If anyone has any either suggestions of outfits that would go with these, let me know, I love hearing feedback!

Thank you!




  1. I cannot wait to wear them!


  2. I love these! The colour is gorge! xxx

  3. I can't get over how beautiful the colour is. They're so different!
    Thank you for the lovely compliments!


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