Sunday, 22 January 2012


Nails of the week! I love Sundays, as its my day to paint my nails, ready for the week ahead! I was really excited for tonight, 'cause amongst all the other new polishes I have yet to play with, I received my e.l.f Matte Top Coat polish. I'm super impressed! It instantly creates a matte finish. Possible review? Let me know! So for the look..
I first started off my applying my No7 Base Coat polish. I then applied a very muted matte (as in no shimmers or glitter) pink colour by No7 (I received in my No7 Nail Art Set, which I have previously blogged about), in one layer as its that good! I then used No7's Silver art pen that came with said set, & used the striper long brush on my ring fingers, to add a pop of something, as I would be using a matte polish, I didn't want the look to be too flat. As it was my first time using these nail art pens, I decided to go all out & use the fine nib & apply it to the tip of my thumb nail. Great experimentation! I love how easy these nail art pens are to use! I finally finished the look off with e.l.f's Matte Finisher Nail Polish. I applied this medium to thickly, as I was unsure whether a thin amount would do the job. I used the correct amount, as a after a minute or two, you could see the matte instantly appear! I'm already in love with this! Unfortunately, I managed to get glitter transferred from my thumb to the rest of my nails, but I'm really not fussed. I can;t imagine anyone will be inspecting them for faults! I did find that after applying the top coat, it does mute the shade of colour you used, as mine looks like a pink with warm brown tones, but I'm really happy with the outcome!

So, thats it. My nails for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading this! I have yet to try my black nail art pen, so if you have any suggestions or recommendations for what look I should create, comment below!

Thank you!



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