Wednesday, 4 January 2012

e.l.f Products!

I thought I'd blog about some e.l.f products I have, just to let you know, as I'm contemplating ordering some of their products again. If you have  any recommendations, please let me know!
Here is all of the products I so far own from e.l.f. I decided to make an order, through their last 50% off deal. After looking at reviews, etc, I scrolled through their site & ordered away! As this was quite a spontaneous order, I could have chosen more appropriate products for the first time, as I haven;t used some things, but this is what I have anyway!

Complexion Perfection

I really enjoy using e.l.f's products, They are such good value for money. Perfect if you're just starting out in make up, or for someone younger, who wants to experiment, etc. Most of their range is from £1.50 & not much more than that. Its super if you're after a lot of brushes, for blending or to use on different people, as they are so cheap, its perfect for that.
I have to say, I rarely use the eyelash curlers, they're just not for me. I wasn't aware I purchased the mini one's, as further down their website page, you're able to select which one you want - handy tip! They are indeed mine, therefore you have to work your way around your lashes, from start, middle to the end of the eye. I just don't have the time! Great for travelling!
Complexion Perfection: I had't really heard a lot about this when I purchased it, but from what I did, I thought I'd give it a shot since it would be half price! As you can see, I've hit pan quite a bit, so I'm starting to use it sparingly, until I next decide to order. As far as I've gathered, the concept is to apply all over face to even out the complexion. I swirl the brush through all colours - not sure if you're supposed to, as a finishing powder. I couldn't really see a difference, but there you go!
 On the left Golden Goddess, on the right Party Purple (I believe). I haven't heard barely a thing about their polishes, so I thought I'd give them a try, as I'm an avid nail polish fan! As soon as I opened up my package, I was surprised to see what I received. The colour swatches are quite known through the beauty community as poor. I could now tell why. The purple was supposed to be, well, purple - at least a lot brighter than this. Thi one is more like a very, very deep purple. Almost as if you can see the shimmers of purple in certain light, than in general. Still pretty, though! When looking up the links for the products, I really couldn't tell which one was mine, & its not easy to see the label on the bottle, so when ordering - I would bear in mind the colour swatches aren't always genuine. The gold one, again, is so much different than the swatch. I'd really only use this as a top glitter coat, as it doesn't have a lot of actually colour, which I was disappointed at. I'm still over all happy with them.
I never used Primer before purchasing this. Its a good investment - considering its only £1.50! Not too much to say about this one, other it always your shadow to stick really well to it. It has reasonable staying power throughout the day. Good thing to have kicking about your make up bag.
These are the most used items I purchased from e.l.f. I mainly use the Stipple Brush for my powder blush, as I have yet to invest in a cream one. I do intend on washing it, & trying it with foundation, I just haven't got round to doing that!
Foundation Brush, I haven't really used this much, just when I first got it. Its great to own as your first one, although I found it ate up al lot of product, which steered me away from using it. I've also always applied my foundation with my fingers as I find I can work it in to the skin better, whilst warming it up. This way  use how much foundation I like also - & not waste any in the brush. Personal preference!
Eyeshadow Brush is the honestly most used one. Its tightly packed, short bristles make it ideal for picking up the colour & packing it onto the eye, rather than losing any product. I use this everyday to apply my lid colour. I'd be lost without this one!
Concealer Brush was great. I mainly only used it when my concealer had run low, meaning I couldn't access the remaining product with my finger, as the packaging was covering it. making this thin little brush ideal for scraping out the last of the product, which really was a lot - what a waste! By doing this method, & me not taking care of the brush, its sprayed quite a bit. It was great for applying concealer to tiny areas, to get a precise cover up. I would definitely re-purchase this one!
Lastly, Blending Brush. I adored this until I picked up my No7 one. I would ideally love the 217, but for now, these will do! Its a perfect brush for blending, & ideal if you have a lot of people to apply make up to, or a lot of blending to your eye, as its better to have clean brushes to achieve a great blended look! The only negative to this, is it does stray bristles quite a bit. It may only be mine, as I haven;t heard of this problem, but its not a significant negative. I can easily deal with it!
Unfortunately, I really don't use this. I should really do, as its important to keep your brushes clean & sterile as possibly to avoid spread of bacteria, etc (ew), but who really keeps on top of it? I know I don't! This is the perfect product to wipe products with after use each day, but I really don't have the time most of the time. Its a case of applying make up, getting dressed & dashing out the door! Its a great product if you're interested in keeping your brushes pristine or for people working on clients, etc.

I believe e.l.f - which stands for Eyes Lips Face, is a great company. They have great customer service - if you have a problem with your order, a product, etc, they will help straight away! There products are amazing quality for the price you are paying, meaning you van purchase twice the amount you normally would in any other beauty store! If you 'Like' them on Facebook here, you will be notified of many offers they have on, which could be certain percentages off or free shipping. I personally decided to order mine when there was a 50% off. I just couldn't resits that offer! They deliver your package really efficiently, even with their high demand due to their amazing offers! I can't rave about this company enough. I should check them out tight now!

So there you have it. My e.l.f products. If you want a more in depth review on each or any product, please comment & let me know! I love hearing feedback!

Thank you!




  1. I just received my first order from ELF and really impressed so far! will be blogging about the products soon too but i might invest in some nail polishes and brushes next time!


  2. I love receiving packages, especially their products! I hope you'll be really happy with them! I love their brushes & polishes. I can't wait to read what you got!


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