Sunday, 29 January 2012

NOTW & Nails Inc!

This weeks Nails of the Week is a Oxblood colour, which I think is so pretty! I've chosen to apply Nails Inc. Victoria, which is a deep cherry red polish. From the photos below, you will be able to tell my latest problem with my nails. I've had a nightmare this week, with keeping them healthy. They've continuously began to snap or tear, which is so infuriating, as I like to keep them mid long length. I have decided to shorten them, & hope & pray they grow out healthier. Anyway! I decided to stick with one main polish this week, just so they have a slight rest, compared to what I normally would apply. I thought I would use my Nails Inc. polish, as its been sometime since I have. I chose to apply just one coat; one: to minimise any unnecessary pressure or strain on the nail, keeping them in better condition & two: I liked the outcome it gave, which is an Oxblood colour, with blended amount of pigmentation of the polish, throughout the nails.
 As per, I'd like to apologise on the appearance of my just polished nails. For anyone who has read my blog since the start, you'll know I tend to just paint them as I wish & let the excess polish remove its self, which is usually throughout the rest of the night & the next day. This may sound incredibly lazy, its just how I have always done it!

So, for the polish in question! Its a deep cherry colour, which when applied in two coats, appears almost black, with a touch of red in certain lights. Its lovely to wear if you have long, or short nails, as it isn't as harsh as just black. I also think this is great for night or day. The polish itself is a medium thickness consistency. Beautiful to apply, & dries fairly quickly, which is great! This is the only polish by Nails Inc. I own, however, I would certainly not hesitate purchasing more! It has decent longevity, depending on whether you do heavy duties, which can chip your nails! Overall, I'm really happy with the outcome of this polish. Its always a pleasure to apply & wear!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! If anyone has any tips on how to keep your nails stronger & healthier, please let me know! I love hearing feedback!

Thank you!




  1. I do this with my nails too, I find a shower or washing up removes the mess


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! It works, though!



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