Sunday, 8 January 2012


Here is a quick Outfit Of The Night, from last night! I wore a sheer nude shirt, with rolled up cuffs, two front pockets & gold buttons. I felt very classy & elegant wearing this! I bought this from Primark for around £10, which is featured in a previous post. Make sure to check it out!
Underneath, I wore a pink/nude simple strappy top, which was only around £2-£3 from Primark, again featured in a previous post! They work beautifully together, as I didn't particularly fancy going for the 'see through shirt & bra' look! I also picked up from Primark a gold & black chain necklace, which was quite long, but exactly what I was looking for. Its detailed with gold  black roses & black beads. This worked really well with the rest of the outfit!
On the bottom half, I new I needed a tight simple black skirt, so I headed straight to H&M & picked this one up for around £4. Bargain! I originally had the underneath top over the skirt, until my other half  suggested I tucked it in. to show the high waisted skirt. Shows he must pay attention!
Tights! I was planning on just wearing a plain black pair, until I noticed these Pretty Polly Pretty Unbelievable tights, which have a printed design on, which consists of a light airbrushed 'slimming effect' on the front & back of the leg, with dark grey on the remaining part of the tights. You can grab these for £5, from £12.50 at BANK, or online at Pretty Polly here. I'm not sure if it had the desired effect, but they're pretty. I was unsure whether they actually went with the outfit, but after several suggestions, I decided to keep them on, as I purchased them purposely for the outfit.
I wanted some new shoes, as I HATE having sore feet on a night out! I thought I'd get some black simple wedges instead, as apparently they supposed to be a lot more comfortable (which is a lie!). My other usual going out shoes are similar to these, although they are heels & have studded detail around the top. I love them & everything, but I can't cope after half an hour of wearing them! I always make sure to have a pair of Primarks flats in my bag, so I can shove them on at the end of the night - handy tip!

So that's my outfit. I kept my hair pretty much straight & used warm neutral tones, with a touch of black on my eyes. I do apologise about the quality of the photo!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, & comment below of you'd like more OOTD!

Thank you!




  1. I need a skirt like that! You look lovely :) xx

  2. Its a lovely skirt for the price, it also fits nice & snuggly. Perfect for day night, too!
    Thank you for the compliment!


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