Thursday, 1 November 2012

Current Empties #4!


I don't have a particularly large empties post to show you, today. When slowly collecting my rubbish for this post, I thought I had a lot more, but I did run out of the majority of the Soap & Glory products in one go. Devastating, I know. I'm hoping Santa will surprise me with some more products!

As this is my fourth edition to my Current Empties posts, I have finally succeeded in using up the vast majority of products in my bathroom. Unfortunately  I still have countless tubs of The Body Shop Body Butters that need to be used up! The quest continues!
I think every girl & their mother has used this once upon a time. I know I started using this, after my Mam did. I was quite sad to see this go. I liked to use this pretty much daily. I found it was gentle enough to do so. I also liked to use this, if I felt my skin needed a deeper clean to just using a cleanser & muslin cloth.

I received the Mud Clay Spa Masks a while ago, but I kept one in my bathroom cabinet, for when I am in dire need of a face mask, but want one that is quick & will do the job! I love the concept of these particular masks. They come in the form of a face shaped cloth, that is essentially soaked in the clay mask product. Just un-peel the mask, apply to face, remove & massage in remaining product. Splash with water!

To begin my extensive empty Soap & Glory products, I finally used up this huge bottle of shower bath wash. I never thought I would see the end of this, but when I did, I was quite sad to see it go. This was the perfect product to just grab & pump. It felt so moisturising to use, which would be great for people with dry skin. For the size, this lasts so long. I liked to use about 3 pumps, too, onto a poofy loofah thingy, or just my hands!

I received this for my 21st from my lovely Mam. I wasn't aware that S&G provided Bubble Bath products, so I was quite excited to use this! As far as Bubble Bath products go, I like to pour out quite generously. Love bubbly bubble baths! This did last for quite a while, though. Even with a little amount poured into running water, created a sufficient amount of bubbles for an obsessed S&G girl! This would be a definite repurchase!

This is the only S&G product I have found difficult to get along with, which is quite sad. As its a creamy wash, it was recommended to apply this onto damp skin. When I am in the tub, I submerge myself throughout. I found that I would have to dry myself off slightly, or sit up for a little while, before I could use this, so I would see the advantages of it against damp skin. This was a tad annoying for me, personally  I like to use a poofy thing & drench myself in the wash! 
However, I would be prepared to try this again & persevere with it, until I found a way I enjoyed using it. Am I the only one with these thoughts?

This is the second S&G Scrub I have tried. I enjoyed using this as a scrub, it did the job perfectly. The scent is as gorgeous as ever, too. I do have a favourite - in the form of Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em. 
I would really, really like to try the Breakfast Scrub! Recommendations?

This is something I tend to always pick up, straight after getting my hair dyed. I never really see a difference in the vibrancy of my hair colour after using these, but its nice to think they are doing something remotely positive for your hair, apart from keeping it clean! This was a nice product to use. It did the job!

I could drench my hair in this for days on end! I believe I got 2-3 uses of this, out of one sachet. I have shoulder length, short hair. So I didn't find the need to use & waste the whole packet on one use. I like to apply any heavy conditioning product to the ends of my hair & up to my ears, just to prevent my hair from being weighed down. This made my hair feel a dream. So smooth & sleek, as well as smelling soo good!

So, that is my little Current Empties #4 post! Quite short, but sweet! Hopefully, my next Empties post will include some empty Body Butters or moisturisers. I will get there!

Do you have any favourites from the above products?




  1. I love the Gentle St Ives scrub :) It even says on the bottle it's gentle enough for daily use and I have sensitive skin and works perfectly for me! I'd love to try the Soap & Glory body wash, bet it smells amazing! xx

    1. I absolutely love it, too! I must get myself another tube of it!

      The Soap & Glory body wash smells divine! As do all of their products!


  2. I would love to try the Macadamia hair mask ! i've heard so many great things about it !

    xx Liyana
    PS: I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a MAC giveaway on my blog to celebrate my first month of blogging.

    1. The Macadamia Hair Mask made my hair feel like I had just been to a salon. So worth it!

      Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway! Congratulations! :)



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