Saturday, 24 November 2012

More Magazine Models Own Freebie Nail Polishes!

Just a quick little memo to you lovely lot! This weeks edition of More magazine, are giving away Models Own products. Two nail polishes and two lip glosses, to be precise!
Unaware of the exact shade names of the two lip glosses - the two polishes I picked up were Raspberry Crush & Nude Beige. These are in fact the first Models Own polishes I have ever owned, so I am hoping to see some wonderful results with these!
I initially thought about just picking up the one nail polish. I already have a few reds in my collection, and my Barry M Mushroom polish is starting to gloop, I thought I would just pick up the Nude Beige. But at a lovely £1.50 per magazine, I really couldn't resist picking up both for £3 - considering they are £5 each!

As for the glosses, I'm sure they are a lovely product, but I barely manage to be bothered to apply a lip balm, never mind something as high maintenance as a gloss that will just be licked away!
I hope you have read this in time to grab yourself some bargains! 




  1. I've been looking for these but there only seems to be lip gloss left wherever I go :-( xx

  2. Cool! I love freebies. The raspberry crush looks like it's going to be a fun color. Very pretty. (:

    The Scarlet Jamie


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