Saturday, 3 November 2012

Glamour Magazine December 2012 Free Nails Inc. Nail Polishes!

May I start with this image, to start the post..
I am fairly sure every girl & their mother out there has either heard about, or picked up December's issue of Glamour. This edition, includes a free Nails Inc. nail polish, worth £11. As the magazine is only a purse friendly £2, you are saving yourself a few bob!
There is four shades of polishes to collect. From left to right, there is: Elizabeth Street, Glamour Glitter, Motcomb Street & St James.

Elizabeth Street is a very sheer pale pink. his would pair beautifully with white tips, for a French manicure look, or if you are unable to wear nail polish to school/work, but would like to make your nails look healthy.

Glamour Glitter is a light formulation of glitter. From the bottle, you would assume this is packed. Don't be fooled! This will look lovely as a top coat, to add definition to a simple base colour.

Motcomb Street is a very deep & dark blue. Nigh on verging into a black shade. Within the right lighting, you will be able to distinguish different tones of colour. This would look gorgeous for the festive season & New Year, with the Glamour Glitter on top, to had a touch of.. Well, glamour!

Finally, there is St James. This is the shade I wanted the most, purely for Christmas time. You cannot go wrong with a bit of red! I imagined the Glamour Glitter as a gradient tip, would suit this nail look, amazingly! As the red is quite a blue toned shade, this is quite versatile for this time of year!
Just thought I would include a little side note into the palavar I had to find one of these polishes. This may not be an issue for yourself, but boy, I'm glad I got there in the end. Pfft!

I picked up the pink, red & blue polishes at my local newsagent, no bother. I walked away extremely happy with my £6 purchase. Unfortunately, they did not have the Glamour Glitter polish in the shop. As I was going through town later that day, I decided to just pick it up somewhere else. Well.. somewhere else I did look! I honestly cannot remember the amount of stores, shops & newsagents I looked into, to find this one polish! I popped into M&S, Fenwicks, WHSmiths, x2 Tesco, Co-op.. Just to name a few!

Finally, as I were about to give up & go home, I popped into a little newsagents in a side alley. To my absolute delight, my partner immediately grabbed it for me as soon as he noticed it (bless him, after I dragged him left, right & centre!).

Basically, that was the torment I gone through, just to find this one nail polish. I'm sure I'm not the first or last to go to the moon & back, to complete a collection!

I will have some real swatches on my nails up soon, as well as making sure to Instagram them (if you're interested, my username is @Luceeloves), as that's where most nail images go, before blogging!

I'm really happy I have picked up these polishes. For the price, you really cannot complain!

Have you picked yours up yet?




  1. St James is such a nice shade, I hope I don't have to go to all that bother to find one though! x

    1. I'm so excited to paint my nails with this shade! Fingers crossed you find them better than I did!


  2. I have all 4 too :) But it is annoying that shops don't stock all the shades! I got the red and glitter from Tesco, navy from Superdrug and pink from Sainsburys! xx

    1. They're all so pretty & versatile shades!
      I was so thankful when I finally found the last shade! Phew! You got there in the end! :)



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