Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Gifts For Her Under £5!

So, its time to acknowledge the fact that Christmas is in fact here. I love every aspect about Christmas, the weather, the lights & Christmas tree, Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes & Mince Pies. The one thing I do not like, is parting with my cash, on ridiculously expensive gifts.

I have decided to post some Christmas Gift Guides. I will be posting these over the next few weeks, which range from prices, to gift types. If you would like to see a gift guide solely on budget beauty products, let me know below! Today, I am going to be sharing with you my picks for Her, under £5! 

There is so many more I could have added to this selection, but believe it or not, there is quite a few gifts to be found, for under £5. Boots is also a great place to Christmas shop, as most items are 3 for 2!

1. The Body Shop Chocomania Cupcake Gift £5.00
This is such a cute little gift, for practically any age. The packaging is so sweet, with the contents of Chocomania Mini Heart Soap, Shower Cream & Ultra Fine Orange Bath Lily. I myself already own the soap. This smells divine. Unusual to find chocolate scented bath products, but they are pleasantly lovely!

2. LUSH Christmas Pudding Knot-Wrap £2.50
For £2.50, you will receive this very sweet pudding knot wrap. I think this is a perfect idea, if the person you are wanting to send a gift to, isn't particularly fond of the Christmas themed products, you can still wrap the ordinary LUSH products, in a Christmas themed knot wrap!

3. Babylis and Harding Large Gingerbread Shower Wash £4.00
This is one of the gifts I would really love to treat myself to, or hopefully find under the Christmas tree *hint, hint!*. I adore anything Gingerbread scented/flavoured, so I can imagine this little beauty will be heavenly to drench yourself in, on Christmas night!

4. The Garden Collection Candle Trio £5.00
This would be lovely for candle fanatics, or even your Mum. Very delicately packaged, you will receive three different scented candles. Again, this would suit many ages, so is quite a versatile gift to pick up!

5. Throntons White Chocolate Snowman £2.99
Lastly, how could you not pick this up for £2.99. Hardly going to break the bank, but will be much appreciated by the loved one who will receive it!

So, those are my quick Christmas gift picks for under £5. There is so many little gifts that are on the market. Even more on online shops, if you're willing to wait in for the Postie!

If you would like to see any more gift guides, aimed at children, different ages, themed gifts, etc, please let me know below!



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  1. Lucy! I have the gingerbread shower gel, you can have it! I opened it and smelt it and that's all I've done!

    Fab post though! <3

    1. Really?! Do you not like the scent? I haven't smelt it in a shop yet, but I'm obsessed with Gingerbread!

      Thank you! :)


  2. That shower gel sounds amazing x


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