Monday, 5 November 2012

Accessorize Lipstick in Passionate

We are already into November! Where did the time go?! As Winter is setting in, wearing dark, warm colours is perfectly acceptable. Unfortunately for me, I'm still too timid to wear anything darker than a nude lippie. Never the less, I'm going to review a lipstick I was sent a couple of months ago for you. This seems the perfect time to show you!
I believe this is the first Accessorize make up product I own. For the store itself, I love it. I love all of the little bits & bobs, from key rings, handbags, scarves & gloves, to trusty umbrellas  Of course, their make up packaging is thoroughly decked out. I wouldn't expect anything less!

Packaging wise, I only recently became aware of a sneeky little section to this lipstick. At the end of the tube, you can see a swatch of the colour. This itself is a great aspect, especially if you store your lipsticks in an organised fashion, you will instantly know what shade to pick. As well as this nifty idea, you can also remove the 'swatch', to reveal its actually a little pot of the lipstick. This is great for touch ups on your lips, without a mirror, after you've eaten or had a drink!

The shade itself is named 'Passionate'. A very deep purple. This looks amazing against pale skin, like myself. If only I had the confidence to wear this lipstick in public, boy I would! Its the perfect deep, winter shade, that would pair beautifully with simple eye make up, or even just a slick of liquid/gel liner.

The formulation is very matte. When I say matte, I mean this is going nowhere once applied! Because of the consistency of the finish, you almost have to drag the product across your lips. Be warned, be careful applying the colour where you want it to actually go. As this is such a pigmented, deep colour, smudging will just spoil the whole look!
I think this is a lovely product for the braver women out there, but I would be very interested in looking into some of their other shades! 

I have been looking left, right & centre for a link for the product, although I just can't seem to find one! I'm sure you will be able to pick one up from the Accessorize store, or Superdrug stocks their products!

Have you tried any of Accessorize's Lipsticks or other make up products?
What are your thoughts?




  1. It looks lovely on you :) I really want to try the Accessorize makeup line, looks amazing xx

    1. I love the colour & finish against my pale skin, I just don't have the confidence to brave such a shade!

      Their make up line is lovely, as well as their amazing packaging! :)



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