Sunday, 11 November 2012

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush for Fine Hair

Michel Mercier is a French hair stylist & product developer, with over 32 years experience within the hairdressing industry. Owner of the exclusive Michel Mercier salon group in Israel, Michel has created a de-tangling hairbrush, after acknowledging the trouble women & men go through, to brush our hair gently. After his 12 year old daughter would show visible discomfort during the hair brushing process, Michel set about creating a brush that would make daily brushing a more pleasant experience & less damaging to hair.
 For many months now, my hair has suffered from difficult hair brushing. I have quite fine, short hair. Trying to get my Denman brush through wet hair, results in a sore head & loss of hair. The only resolution I have came up with, is to apply a generous amount of conditioner, to soften the tats. Although, as I am prone to grease throughout the day, adding more product to my hair, is something I am trying to steer away from.

I have been tempted to purchase the infamous Tangle Teezer. After reading many reviews & seeking advice on Twitter, there have been advantages & disadvantages  The aspect I didn't particularly warm to, is the designed shape of there brush, which was essentially hand held.

Michel has created a large brush, to cover a larger surface area of your hair, effectively allowing you to brush your hair quicker. There is also a handle, that is blended into the shape of the brush head. This allows you to easily hold the brush, without fighting to keep it in your hands!
The brush has a range of different lengths & heights of 'bristles'. 428 in fact. With a unique geometric distribution, the brush helps disperse the pressure placed on your hair during brushing, resulting in easer detangling, reduced hair loss & breakage. The brush is available in three colour coded models, to suit different hair types; fine, normal & thick. This is a great bonus, as there is a brush for everyone, specifically designed for your hair type. The brush works effortlessly with all hair types, from dry colour damaged hair, to thick European, Afro & Asian hair textures. This brush is designed to brush sleekly through wet or dry hair, curly or straight, as well as being gently enough to tackle extensions & real or synthetic wigs!

I wanted to firtsly use this brush on wet hair, as this is the area within my hair, I find I have the most problems with. I found that with first use, the brush itself was quite strange to use. I have been previously using a Denman Paddle Brush for the past 5 years (repurchased!), so I am aware of how the brush feels upon my scalp.
This brush has a tougher brush head, due to the several plastic bristles, at different heights.  As these bristles are considerably shorter than my usual hair brush, i found I had to brush through layers of my hair - which I should be doing anyway! Once I had gotten used to a different way of taming my mane, I did find this had an advantage to my hair. I didn't have to pull at my hair, or fight knots. I believe my hair will be very thankful of this new addition!
I found this brush to make a huge difference to detangling my hair.
The process has been a much more enjoyable one. Once I had gotten used to the sensation of a different hair brush, this became a dream!
I hope to update you all on my hair, & whether it has improved the quality of my hair!

You can purchase this brush, I have the one for Fine hair, from Michel Mericer's site here (link), which retails for £14.95. There is also sets, as well as brushes, designed for children.



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