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Graze is a company that sends out healthy nibbles for you to snack on, by post. Lets start with the best bits!
The boxed packaging that you will receive your Graze goodies in, fits perfectly through your letterbox, so there is no need to worry about missing the Postman. You can also get your box delivered to any address, Nationwide. Even at your work place! Perfectly in time for those 11.00am snack cravings before lunch time. Delivery charge? Absolutely free! If you are someone like most of us, that aren't quite prepared to dedicate ourselves to a subscription that we may not like, you will like this. Graze offers a subscription service, if you so wish to use it. This enables you to continually receive your boxes, on whatever days you like, how often you like. If this isn't for you, you can also order one off boxes. Brilliant!
Graze offers two types of boxes: A Nutrition Box & Nibble Box. The nutrition box contain the healthiest foods, rich in micronutrients, designed by their nutrients team.

The nibble box is perfect for if you want maximum variety. From flapjacks, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, chocolate coated nibbles, to freshly baked bread. Yum!

You will also receive four punnets of foods. Upon signing up, you will be able to rate the food that are available. This is quick & simple. Either rate: Try, Like, Love & Bin. This will determine which foods you will receive  Naturally, if you have rated Bin on certain foods, they will never arrive on your doorstep. If you are allergic or hate a specific ingredient, such as Coconut - you can search for the ingredient & bin the entirety of all the foods this is included. Foods you  are wishing to try may arrive, foods you like may occasionally turn up & lastly, foods you love will most likely turn up!
Now that all of the know how is out of the way, I can tell you about what I received  I love to rate Try on all the foods I like, so I can get a spontaneous surprise, each time I receive my Graze box. This also gives me the opportunity to try different things, I wouldn't necessarily pick up in a supermarket/health store. Here is what I received:

 Bakewell Tart: This punnet includes Cherry infused Sultanas, Cranberries & Almonds. They also contain manganese & copper - two antioxidant minerals. A good source of minerals & vitamins, as well as a good source of fibre.

Crunchini Basilico: This punnet included Basil infused Oil with Crunchini. Only contains 80 Calories!

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios: Says it on the tin! Also good source of fibre.

Honeycomb Flapjack: This punnet is also a good source of fibre, as the oats are packed full of healthy fibre. There is also a little drizzle of chocolate on top.

Each punnet is securely closed, with a cellophane lid. This makes it perfect for taking to work with you & travelling. Just pop in your handbag! There is also a handy napkin hidden away in the bottom of the tray. How caring of Graze!
These are the four foods I received. I enjoyed three out of four, which isn't bad going! I really didn't enjoy the Crunchini Basilico. I just found the Basil (I am assuming. I don't often eat Basil!) quite overpowering & strong. Some people may love this aspect, but for me, I did not. I liked the texture & crunch to the bread sticks(?). I also felt quite uncomfortable associating food with oil. I'm quite anti oil as it is!

My favourite had to be the Honeycomb Flapjack! This is the only punnet my other half was willing to delve into! This is packed with oats & topped with a drizzle of chocolate. This felt very comforting to eat, but knowing it was a healthier alternative to others, made it all the more delicious!

Thirdly, Mississippi BBQ Pistachios. Yum! I love eating nuts, although this has only became apparent recently. I always thought they were gross, but after some dedication to them, I have made a U turn! These a packed full of BBQ flavour which is a pleasant change to just Roasted, which I usually eat!

Finally, we have Bakewell Tart. I demolished this little punnet! Juicy Cranberries & Cherry infused Sultanas worked lovely in combination with the Almonds. Very enjoyable to eat. Rate: Love!
So, that is my Graze box review. I really enjoy the element of surprise the receiving these boxes, although that element can be removed for yourself, if you so wish. The concept of this box is great. There have been many healthy foods I have been introduced to, such as Vanilla Seeds. Usually, I would never have dreamed of pick them up, now I am on the hunt for some!

If you have enjoyed this post & are curious to try for yourself, you can enter this code on their site: 9QKPKF5D. This will guarantee your fist box FREE! This is how I became introduced to Graze. If you don't enjoy the box, or wish to discontinue receiving them, you can easily cancel any further deliveries!

Sign up at:

I hope this has helped anyone that has been intrigued about Graze boxes or for anyone that has been curious to try. I absolutely love receiving these & tasting new foods!

Let me know if you sign yourself up! I would love to hear your thoughts!



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