Thursday, 26 July 2012

Personal Project Pan

So, I have had this thought in my head for a while, but I now think its time to set the wheels in motion!
I always keep lovely products, things I get for birthdays & Christmas, & tend to use them sparingly, as I don't usually pop into some of the stores I get gifts from. 

By doing this, I have been left with tonnes of products that have gone slightly used, with their expiration date looming quite rapidly! Depending on what the product looks/smells lie, etc, after the expiration date, will depend on whether I will carry on using it to basically finish it! (I hate the thought of throwing away products!).

After that little explanation, I have decided to basically use my products up. I have so many body butters & body moisturisers, that after the bath, I sometimes can't be bothered to apply, I they go neglected. For the past few days, I have been lathering myself up with my lotions & potions & putting them to some good use!

I am also saving my empty packaging of the products I have used for my empties posts, which is something that is giving me to incentive to continue! Its great to see all of the empty bottles, which you have emptied! (Weird?) Anyway, that is my latest plan, that I hope the novelty doesn't wear off & I continue to strive!

Have you kept any products to find you have too many to use?
Project pans for yourself?




  1. I've started this! But in secret so I can be like ta da! I found really cute storage for empties as well! Good Luck with project pan!


  2. I have been trying my best to get through tubs of body butters & body moisturisers! There is only so much you can out on in one go!

    I need to find some storage, as well as storage for make up & beauty products!



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