Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Current Empties!

I have been meaning to get this post up for a whle now, although, as I have had the builders trailing through my home, I have had to pack up all my belongings away, including all of my empty products!

Anyway! I can finally share with you what I had been loving not too long ago!
Firstly, I have face wipes.
They aren't always the most appropriate things to remove your make up with, as some would say. Although, they sit quite happily with me, so I shall continue to do so. As I use wipes to remove the majority of my make up, I continue on to use a cleanser, then tone & moisturise. Of course!

I had been & have still been enjoying Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. I am a big fan of their range to begin with, so I knew I wouldn't be dissapointed. They are very calming & gentle on the skin, so they would be perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.I found they removed my make up with ease, so I didn't have to drag away at my skin. These are available in Boots for £3.20.

I am the type of person that absoloutely NEEDS make up wipes. Even though I own cleansers that do this job for you, I prefer to remove make up this way, enabling me to preserve more of my more nice products!
I picked up these ASDA Cleansing Facial Wipes, whilst picking up some shopping. I haven't really looked at their own skincare range, although I bet there may be some finds! These wipes are only £1, or currently 5 for £4! I would probably pick these up again, as they did the job.

On the note of Face Wipes.. Has anyone tried Kleenex's version?
I received this product in my December Glossy Box - quite a long time ago now!
I really enjoyed using this. Although for £6.90 I probably wouldn't repurchase for a shower gel. I have previously reviewed this here (link).

I think I have talked about this previously before, but its a lovely spray deodrant to use. Lovely enough to repurchase, I ended up buying the Anti-Perspirant roll on balm type, which is even better. I wouldn't say the Pearl extracts transer to the eye or make it anything special, but its nice to just believe!

VO5 Give Me Moisture & Revive Me Daily 2 in 1.
I have previously reviewed these two before here (link), although I don't think I would consider repurchasing either. Luckily I only purchased the smallest bottles, so I didn't waste anything or force myself to use them.
 Final products!

I thoroughly enjoyed using this, as I have with all of their scrubs! I tend to acquire The Body Shop products for birthdays, special occasions, etc, so I like to save them a little. Although, I ended up with lots of un-used products, which needed to be used before their expiry date! This is subtle & offensive to smell. Its lovely to apply & the scent lingers lovely.

This has honestly got to be my most favourite body scrub that I have tried. This has a jam like consistency, with little black pips in as the scrub particles. Its so beautifully scented & such a pleasure to use. I really would like to re-purchase this, & at the moment, it is only £2!

I have previously blogged about this here (link), although once I used it up, I decided to change, just for a change. After a few months of continiously using one product, a change is very lovely! However, this wouldn't stop me from re-purchasing, at all. It has a lovely formulation & barely there scent, wich is great for applying just before bed.

That is my first edition of my Current Empties!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you would like to see more of these or any other suggestions or recommendations, let me know!

Thank you!



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