Friday, 27 July 2012

Going For Gold | Olympics Inspired | Golden Goddess Look

I decided to create a golden eye, using my MUA Going For Gold Palette. I've heard a few people aren't as impressed with this palette, as the shades are not as wearable. I do not think this is the case at all. Granted, it is very yellow gold toned in most of the shades, but I definitely think using the right shades in the right areas, makes all the difference. I decided to create a slideshow of the images I took throughout the make up look, as I thought putting them all on here would have made a very long blog post!

I have added little annotations to each picture, so you can catch the gist of what I done. This is a really simple tutorial, just using the palette & experimenting! I hope using the slideshow has worked successfully.
Let me know of you would like to to use this technique again!
Times like this, I wish I also did YouTube, so I could record the look. Maybe something to think about?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Comment below if you have any questions, etc!



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