Monday, 30 July 2012

Benefit the POREfessional & "that gal"!

As you will have all seen, last months edition of Glamour included free Benefit samples. I intended on posting a review when I first received & used them, although I thought I would try them out fully, as I am using other products in conjunction.
Firstly, I think these products have fabulous packaging! Definitely siding with Soap & Glory's!

the POREfessional
This product is my favourite out of the two, I will tell you why..
The formulation is first quite liquidy & wet. Once you begin to work with it into your skin, you see the product change consistency into a soft, delicate balm, which will smooth over pores & give you an even finish to your skin. I am always safe in the knowledge after applying this, that my skin will look as flawless as possible, giving me confidence throughout the day & night, as it is so longlasting.

I could definitely repurchase this, as I do find it works. My skin looks noticeably different from applying this, then foundation, to just applying foundation. The colour of the product is a light skin tone colour, which will blend into any skin tone, of you wished to wear this alone.

You only need to apply a small amount of this, to get great results. I apply this to my nose & what ever product is left over, I will evenly distribute this across my cheeks.

You can purchase the POREfessional here for £23.50 (link).

 "that gal"
 This one I have to say, is probably my least favourite. Purely on the basis that I don't notice any difference, I've just applied an extra layer of product to my face, that I could have done without.
I'm unsure if I am applying this wrong, or I just don't appreciate what it has to offer, although I believe I could probably benefit from using this with just a BB cream, so I can see the brightening effects this product has to offer.

As a primer, I found it to work well with the rest of my face make up, although I don't think I will be rushing out to purchase this, in comparison to the POREfessional balm.
The consistency of this is quite liquidy & stays this way until blended in.
I will keep trying this & use up the sample. I always appreciate trying new products & testing whether they are a good match for my skin or not. Turned out that this particular product just wasn't for me.

You can purchase "that gal" here for £21.50 (link).

I hope you enjoyed this little belated post.
Have you tried the POREfessional or "that gal"?
Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you!




  1. I got both samples as well and totally agree with you. I found porefessional to work so well, but that gal just dissapointed me (plus, when I peeled to deal off of that gal, it exploded over my bed!) xo

    1. I would love to repurchase the porefessional, just the price is steering me away to trying other primers.
      That Gal just wasn't for me at all. Nice to try a sample for £2 than £21.50! I wouldn't have been happy about it exploding!



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