Sunday, 29 July 2012

Current favourite cheek products!

I thought I would share a few of my favourite cheek products I have been loving the past few weeks.

Firstly, we have 17 Blush & Glow in Bloom, secondly MUA Blusher in Shade 2 & thirdly e.l.f All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach. All three of these products are inexpensive & highly pigmented!
 Depending on what the weather is like or how I am feeling, will depend on the product of choice.
On summery days, I love to apply e.l.f's All Over Color Stick to the highlights of my cheeks, which gives a gorgeous summery glow.
If I am wanting a pink flush, I will go for one of these. I have owned the MUA one for quite a while, although  not long after I purchased it, I became quite distant towards it. After spontaneously picking it up & swirling it upon my cheeks, I fell in love with it! The product is ever so slightly shimmery, although this gives a lovely flush of pink to your cheeks. I wear this fairly softly, just for a flush, although this is definitely pigmented enough for a stronger outcome!
 I received the 17 Blush & Glow in a goodie bag I won a while back. I haven't stopped using this since! 
This product comes in two shades. You can sweep your brush in one direction across the product, leaving you with two separate shades of colour on the brush, which you can proceed to apply upon your cheeks, with the lightest on top as a highlight & the darker colour below for the blush. I loved the outcome of applying this, this way, although on some lazy days, I just swirled in the blush & applied like any other blush. Both creates a sweep of flush across your cheeks, or apply with a heavy hand to create a more defined cheek.

L-R: 17 Blush & Glow, MUA Blusher & e.l.f All Over Color Stick

So, that is my cheek favourites so far! I love applying these in the summery days, although as the sun has disappeared this year, applying these still warms up my face, creating a healthy look!

What are your favourite cheek products?

Thank you!




  1. I love MUA blushers :)They're such good quality xx

    1. I really want to buy some more & try their lipsticks! :)



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