Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Subtle Sparkle Nails

I decided this week, I wanted to go for a nail look, that had something that little bit extra, but not over the top. I think the finished look is beautiful!

As per, I started my No7 So Smooth Base Coat. Supplying an even base & protection to your nail bed.
 I then applied a very affordable nail polish, in the form of W7 Nail Polish in Silver Mirror. This has very light, sheer, buildable coverage, ideal for a touch of colour to your nails. I applied two coats, to create a noticeable look.

Secondly, I applied two coats of one of my favourite polishes, Barry M Nail Paint in Hologram Hexogram NP244. Packed full of what it says on the bottle! I think the colour reflects & compliments the base colour so well.
Lastly, finishing off the nail look with a coat of No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat. Perfect for finalising your nails, adding protection & shine.
 As you can see, the finished look looks stunning. I find it looks lovely for any occasion, whether its a special occasion,  an added something to your look or simply an everyday look. As soon as the light its the little hexograms, they add an instant pop to your nails. When placed in a certain position or lighting, the nails look subtle & soft. This is definitely one of my favourite nail looks. 
Also, an alternative base coat, for example my preferred shade, black, creates a whole different dimension to the Barry M Hologram Hexogram Nail Paint!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of these polishes? What's your favourite nail look?

Thank you!




  1. I really want to try hollogram hexogram! I love barry M but I can never find it anywhere! I've been loving glitter nails and I've done loads of posts over the last few weeks about them! Haha :)

  2. I love this nail paint! It goes perfectly with literally any base colour, too!

    Glitter polishes, I love!


  3. This is a beautiful look, so classy, I love it :D



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