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Biotherm Aquasource

I've rarely heard of this company, so I was intrigued to try their samples. Very thoughtfully, my little information booklet contained a day cream, as well as a night cream, so you can fully appreciate what the product offers, in a routine. Here is my thoughts..
Aquasource Gel

New Aquasource with thermal plankton cellular water.
Our latest breakthrough, Biotherm's next generation Aquasource formulation, delivers intense & long-lasting hydration.

For plump & radiant looking skin.

New formula with Mannose, a new patented hydrator. 36 nutrients in thermal plankton cellular water. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

Discover the innovative gel texture of new Aquasource.
Now paraben free & mineral oil free. A fresh & creamy touch that melts on the skin to help awaken the senses everyday.

Apply this gel to the face morning &/or evening.

50ml - £28.00. Available here

- Biotherm Website.
Official product via Google images.
 The product aimed at morning-daytime has a cloudy white consistency, when first released from the packaging. This is very light in formulation, which instantly absorbs & melts into your skin, upon massaging it into your skin. This left my skin feeling refreshed, lightweight & overall, clean - in the sense that its a light aqua product, not that my face normally feels unclean!
The scent of this product is again, very fresh & definitely water/aqua related. I can't help but get a slight smell of alcohol, which isn't at all overpowering, considering you wil be applying this when you wake up. 
I found this instantly drenched my skin with moisture & kept it hydrated.
I'm usually more comfortable with cream based products, so this was a refreshing alternative & change. I would definitely consider purchasing the full size product as I enjoy how the formulation made me skin feel, as well as a base to my make up.

Your skin loses more water at night than during the day. New Aquasource Nuit helps replenish skin with moisture & hydration all night long. Wake up to fresh looking, luminous skin which feels more elastic & radiant, as if rewakened.

Beauty From The Deep:
Bitherm introduces P.Antarctica, a microorganism able to survive the extreme conditions of the Antartic due to its incredible capacity to retain water. Enriched with P.Antartica, Aquasource Nuit helps the skin maintain its natural water reserves all night long.

Apply at night, after removing your make-up, for all types of skin. Follow with the Biotherm serum of your choice.

50ml - £28.00. Available here

- Biotherm Website.

Official product via Google images.
I originally didn't research into this product before trying, I just went straight in there! I first tried the product aimed towards throughout the night. I immediately expected it to be an expected night cream cream, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see a gel formula release from the sample packet. The consistency is  a very clear light blue. I also found the product to be quite lightweight, which is different for a night product. As I applied this to my skin, I felt so refreshed & immediately moisturised - honestly! I just wanted to keep re-applying this to my skin, it felt really comfortable & a pleasure to use. Its a very fresh, hydrating product, that I believe refreshes your skin & simply replenishes it, where you need it most. I found it, again, a refreshing change to my routine, using a non-cream based product, especially for night time, as I prefer a mask like consistency product, that I feel will work its best, throughout the night. However, I did find this product comfortable & almost certainly hydrated my skin.

As I have only tried the samples, I can't give an opinion, that will benefit anyone looking to use these, full-size/long term. I acknowledge that skincare products are difficult to review on their 'claims' or what they can offer, as his requires long, continious use. My opinions have been based upon the product itself, & how i found it.
For products that I haven't heard  a great deal about, I'm really happy I have discovered these. I love their intention of moisture, which they actually succeed in & deliver. For me, personally, £28 is quite a lot to invest in for a skin care product, especially if you're on a budget. However, I believe in this case, you get what you pay for. If I had some spare coins rolling about, I probably would purchase the full size of these products. Based on its moisture locking properties, this would benefit my skin, as I find it needs plenty of moisture & hydration throughout the night, until morning, onwards.

I hope this post is helpful to anyone who is contemplating purchasing these products, or who have simply just came across them. Please, do not hesitate to comment for any questions queries, etc! 

Thank you.



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