Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Purple Polka Dot Nails!

I decided to paint my nails with my new nail polish that I received. I decided I wanted a white two-way nail polish, that consists of a long, thin brush & find dotting tool, which will enable me to create more designs! I'm so excited to play around with it more & find some nail designs to recreate!
So, as we;re into Spring, I thought what better base colour to choose, than a pastel colour. I have limited choices of pastels in my collection, so I found this Nails Inc in Cambridge Circus. Its a lovely bold, muted purple/lilac. Its not as pastel as I would have liked, although, I think it works lovely against the bright white. I tried to find the link to the polish, however, for the life of me, I couldn't. Unsure whether its discontinued, although you can purchase it on eBay, or I found a little website here. I took a few pictures, in various lighting, as I couldn't portray its genuine likeliness, the way I wanted. I found it appeared more of a royal blue. In true light, its very much purple!
 I love the outcome, from simply adding dashings of dots. I found the best way to create more structerd dots, is to dot the nail polish in a cross, diagonally. Then filling in the sparse areas equally. However, you can go crazy, dotting away, 'till your heart is content! I love the simplistic look this creates! Something that is quick, simple, easy & great to ease you into nail art!

I would love some suggestions on any nail art ideas! I'm looking into getting some more colours, that I can use in the form of two-way polishes, or some dotting tools. Feel free to enlighten me & comment away, its very much appreciated!

Thank you!




  1. I love the base color and polka dot nails are my favorite!

  2. Its my first time wearing it & I love it!
    I'm definitely going to switch up the base colours with some polka dots!



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