Saturday, 21 April 2012

Boots 17 Twitter Party Goodie Bag!

I took part in Boots 17 Twitter Party a few weeks ago, & I luckily won! I couldn't believe my eyes when my name was mentioned as a winner! So, I finally received my goodie bag & played around with some of the products. I thought I would share with you my new bits & pieces. I plan to review some of these, so if you have any requests, let me know!

The contents of my goodie bag:

Magnetized Nail Polish
I have already tried the gunmetal shade, which I adore. Other than the beautiful colour, it creates an alternative finish, sure to set off your style! I've since tried out the plum shade. I've found it had a different texture to the one I originally own, which is really exciting!
Photo Flawless Skin Primer & Miracle Matte Foundation
Photo Flawless Skin Primer
I've been meaning to invest in a Primer, so I was really exciting to receive this & try it out. Its silky soft & leaves my skin actually looking flawless. It is amazing! I'll probably use this on more special occasions, when I want to add something extra to my make up. I've found it is also great for minimising the appearance of pores, quite dramatically.
Miracle Matte Foundation
I have yet to truly test this out. I already own No7's Beautifully Matte Foundation, that I wore for a few months. I later came to a self realisation, that matte wasn't the appropriate foundation finish for my skin type, however, I do find they have good coverage, upon fast application (I find they dry very fast!).

Instant Glow Bronzing Powder & Spring Fling Happy Days Palette

Instant Glow Bronzing Powder
As I am particularly pale, I have always steered away from bronzers. However, as the summer is approaching, I'm feeling more confident in adding a glow & definition to my skin. We'll see how this one goes! I did immediately swatch this. As you can see, the top layer is purely decorative. It is very shimmery, although, once the top layer is dusted away, your left with one, very slightly shimmery bronzer.
Spring Fling Happy Days Palette
This have amazing product packaging. Beautiful floral design, that slightly put me off disturbing the finish with my brush! I did have trouble opening the product, which you can see from the evident dint. Oops! I have yet to fully play around with this, as I'm unsure on where to apply this yet!
Starry Eyes Trio in Neptune & Blush & Glow in Bloom

Starry Eyes Trio in Neptune
There were a few other shades to choose from, although, I thought I would have more use out of these shades. I love the detailing in the product pans! These are shimmery, although not over the top. I think the gold would be beautiful as an all over sweep of colour, with some mascara on a summery day!
Blush & Glow
I was requested to choose a shade I would like, although the Boots website wouldn't show any. I was sent this one in Bloom. Firstly, I thought it would be way over the top, especially against my pale skin. I was pleasantly surprised as one sweep, created something so pretty. The colours are separated, allowing you to achieve a blushing blush & highlight, in one application! 
Peep Show Mascara & Perfect Definition Eye Liner in Onyx
Peep Show Mascara
As soon as I revealed the wand from the tube, I knew I would enjoy trying this! I've been wanting a mascara with a big fluffy wand, although, I didn't want to purchase another, until I used my previous ones, or they would end up drying out. I think I have to get used to the dramatic difference in size of the want, compared to my usual!
Perfect Definition Eye Definer
I have plenty of eyeliners in my collection, that to be honest, I rarely use. I'm more inclined to use my gel or liquid at he moment. However, for a smokey/night look, this will come in perfect to light my lower water line & lash line.
Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bella & Berry Crush Lip Stain
Supreme Shine Lipstick 
I'm madly in love with Boots 17 lipstick in Beehive, which is a pink 'my lips but better'. I chose this in a more nude shade, which is just as perfect. Its so moisturising & glossy. You are also able to safely apply without a mirror (or phone reflection!), without worrying about being precise. This is one of my favourite products!
Berry Crush Lip Stain
This lip stain has 'hello, summer' written all over it. I've heard of these about, but never really thought to purchase one. These apply a beautiful wash of colour, that you can effortlessly build up to your liking. Very excited by this!

So, that's it! My new little collection of goodies! I've been so excited to receive this, so thank you very much Boots 17. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!




  1. I love the look of the duo blusher!
    I'd be interested in seeing a review of the magnetic polishes, I have the purple one and when I used it I didn't see very good results. So it would be interesting to see how you get on :) x

  2. Congratulations, what a great prize!

    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, details of which are on my blog, :)


  3. Lucky girl, congratulations!
    Ps I've awarded you a blog award, head over to my blog for details. Happy Sunday hun!
    Meg xx

  4. Have been looking at the Instant Glow Bronzing Powder everytime I go in to boots - but just looks too shimmery to use as an all over bronzer!

    The Photo Flawless primer is fab though!

    Congratulations, I never win anything!!

  5. Thank you, girls!

    I couldn't believe I won, its my first prize, ever! I definitely plan to review most of these.

    I will review all the magnetic nail polishes in one post, to show comparison.

    The Bronzing Powder is certainly shimmery, although I do believe its just the film layer. We shall see! I do love the Primer so far, though. Its lovely!



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