Friday, 22 February 2013

Primark Bargains

For someone like myself, who rarely treats myself to new clothes, this is quite something. As the weather was warming up (note 'was'), I decided to break out my trusty cream leather jacket - for which at the time of buying, I searched high and low for a black one, but it just wasn't happening. The frustrating thing of owning a light coloured leather jacket, apart form keeping it clean, is pairing it with an outfit. I would have much preferred a black one, which you really can throw on with anything, but this wasn't the case.

I have been looking for some light pink/neutral coloured tops to wear with my jacket and layer with a sheer scarf and cardy. Of course, Primark has came up trumps with some little bargains. I'm really not someone who prefers to wear a brand - aside from bags, River Island bags are my thing. I will be happy with anything that looks good on the hanger. I first came across one out of the two tops I picked up. This is a simple neutral t-shirt, with a worn out skull print, with what looks like an American flag in the background. I am a huge lover of skulls, as some may know, I literally live in my Primark skull scarf, so its no surprise this caught my eye. For my personal preference, I prefer a slightly longer top to cover my bum. Simple! This skims over my waist, so works perfect for me!
A picture of a Primark Skull Print T-ShirtA picture of a Primark Skull Print T-Shirt
Primark Skull T-Shirt - £3.00

Next up, I have been eyeing this one up the past few times I've been into Primark, I have just never decided to go and treat myself. It's a vest style t-shirt, which is slightly longer at the back, which couldn't be more perfect for me. This also comes with some cool spikes coming out of the vest straps, which have plastic backing, so they won't feel irritating or snag anything. The print on this top wasn't my favourite out of them all, but I still think its cute and my style. This top came in various other colours and some other design prints. I have my eye on a few more! The only thing I have found I dislike slightly, is the exaggerated arm holes (is that even a word!?), y'know, the 'sleeves'! They show a bit 'o bra, but if that's your thing! I may look for one of those bandeau thingys. Can you tell fashion and descriptive words isn't my thing? Oops.
A picture of a skeleton ballerina spiked topA picture of a skeleton ballerina spiked top
 Primark Skeleton Ballerina top with spikes - £6.00

I hope you liked this very rare post! As the weather will be getting hopefully warmer, I will be sure to keep you updated with my little purchases, as soon as I pick them up, so you can grab them whilst they're in stock!




  1. I love both of these tops and £3 for the first one what a bargain x

  2. Oh wow, love that vest! It's a similar design to a Stolen Gilfriends Club tee I have! Eeep. Bargainess.

    The Style Rawr!


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