Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Nails Inspired By Fleur De Force!

After watching Fleur De Force's nail tutorial for Valentine's Day, I could not pass up the opportunity to try it for myself! Over the past few month, I have been very basic and bland with my nails, sticking to one block of colour. Purely painting them to just strengthen them, opposed to make them look pretty. I don't know why. I am usually an avid nail painter and love looking for new nail art inspiration  But, after watching Fleur's sweet nail tutorial, it sparked my love for polished nails. Fleur executed a perfect demonstration of the nail tutorial, so much that I found I would be able to easily recreate the look. Lets see how I got on!
A step I always take, not even worth a mention, is to apply a base coat. Mine is No7 So Smooth Base Coat. This will allow your nails to look smooth and ridge-less, ready for your first coat of colour. I then applied one coat of Nails Inc. Elizabeth Street, which is a very sheer coating of pink. I could have done with two, but knowing I would be applying more layers, I decided to cut out the waiting time for this tutorial. This creates a perfect light coating of pink, to neutralise your nails, instantly making them look perfectly preened.

For the tips, I applied two rounded semi-circles, opposed to a French manicure curved line. This will represent the very top of a heart. Of course, you can create a typical curved line, to make things easier. To do this, I used Bourjois French Manicure Blanc Raffine from the Bourjois French Manicure Kit. I bought mine singularly, from a small local stall. A quick scout on eBay will point you in the right direction!
Now for the hearts! This was the most nerve-racking part for me! I poured a little of Nails Inc. St James onto a sheet of paper. I took a cocktail stick and and dipped some of the polish on the end. I then applied two small dots onto my nail, just above the white 'heart', and then dragged the polish down into a point. After the first few, I got the hang of it! They're not as neat as I could have done, but as I have never used a dotting tool, or even a cocktail stick, my attempt wasn't too bad!

To seal everything in, I used No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat. Make sure to check all layers of the polish have thoroughly dried before this step, especially the red hearts, as you may find you will drag some of the tacky polish down the nail.
I'm really impressed with the simplicity of this look and happy I gave it a go!
Have you took inspiration from Fleur's nail look?



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  1. That's so cute xx

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