Sunday, 17 February 2013

Day In The Life.. Polish, pencils and panoramic views.

Since I had made some plans to have a productive day, I thought I would do a little non beauty post, just so you can get a better idea about myself. I initially wanted to go out today to take some pictures, but a few bits and pieces slipped their way through. I rarely treat myself, so I thought why not!
 I really wanted a new make up bag, as my last one was just too well loved. I also wanted a smaller one for my every day make up, so I didn't have to rummage around my bigger one. I thought these too looked very smart together. I love the studs, too! I will be doing a new post on these, as well as a What's In My Everyday Make Up Bag post, so you can see exactly what I use, every single day.
The larger make up bag was supposed to retail at £5.00, but at the till, it came in at a lovely £2.00. The smaller one retails a £3.00.
The Baltic is a contemporary art gallery, situated on the Quayside in Newcastle. Here I popped in to have a look at the galleries, and had a little look in the gift shop, which was full of lovely things, like art supplies, books, contemporary art. There were also some mugs that caught my eye, by an artist named Rob Ryan, who specialises in paper cutting. I have heard they are also sold in TK Maxx, so I hope to buy myself one!
Anyway, here I picked up this little cardboard tube of coloured pencils for £1.95. I thought they looked lovely to own, as well as being kind to my purse!
 After looking at the gallery, we headed down to the market, that comes along at the weekends. As much as I love looking at markets and stalls, I've rarely looked through this one. Here, I eyed up some very pretty and delicious looking cupcakes, as well as this company. I took one of their business cards, so i remembered who they were. Cotfield Mirrors is a small craft business, based in Gateshead, which is run and co-owned by husband and wife team Alan and Carol Moncrieff. They specialise in creating mosaics hand crafted mirrors and furniture. I loved a similar mosaic mirror to the one on the left of this business card. As I am an art student, I'm really inspired to see artistic companies grow and would love to support them buy buying one of their pieces. I will be returning soon to pick up a small heart mosaic mirror!
 And finally, I picked up something I have been kicking myself for not doing so earlier. I do like Essie polishes, but I have yet to pay full price for one. I just cannot justify paying £7+, when I can buy so many other similar shades, for a fraction of the price. That's my opinion, anyway! As spring is approaching, I wanted to finally get my hands on this uber bright orange. Probably totally unwearable, but for £1.99, I am not complaining. I picked up Orange, It's Obvious. There was also a slightly muted orange, which I will probably pick up next time. And the collection grows!
That is all I have to report on today. I will be reviewing the polish soon and also will be posting about the new make up bags and my new everyday make up routine. I will also leave you with a shoddy panoramic view of that I came across today.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you would like to see more!



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