Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Mudd Original Mask

An old favourite, Mudd Original Mask. Simple, but wonderful. 

Mudd Original Mask 10 Application Pack. Mudd is a range if deep cleansing facial masks, available in 1, 5 & 10 Application pack sizes.

Deep pore cleanser draws out hidden oils & grime. 100% pure clays containing special minerals absorb excess oil, deeply embedded dirt & make up. After use, skin feels smoother, softer & deep-cleansed. Helps control spots & blackheads as it tones & tightens the skin. Non-comedogenic, so it won't clog pores or cause blemishes.  Dermatologically tested & lanolin-free formula.

How To Use:
Soak face with a warm, moist cloth & lot dry. Apply Mudd Original Mask over entire face, avoiding eyes. Allow 10-15 minutes to dry, then gently wipe off with a cool, wet cloth. Use once or twice a week or as needed. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. For External use only. - Boots.

So, there is the info you need. Lets get onto the product itself.

Some very glamorous photos, to show you the process! I applied an even coverage of product to my clean face. Firstly, the product remains wet & tacky upon your face. A few minutes into the drying time, you can see patches start to dry, mainly the thinner applied areas first.
I tend to apply face masks whilst in the bath, then relax for 5-10 minutes, whilst it does its work. Although, the steam in the bathroom keeps the product damp on my skin. It works for me, though. For the purpose of this blog post, I decided to apply this in a dry atmosphere, so I can show the full potential. 
Once fully dry, you will have by now felt your skin tighten quite a lot. I'm always tempted to scrunch my face, to crack the dry product! Once I am happy, I gently wipe my face, until the product is removed.
I feel incredibly refreshed after using this. I tend to apply a mask once a week. I genuinely don't have anything bad to say about this. It does exactly what it says. I do feel that all of the properties are doing good for my skin & at the end of the week, my skin is thankful for this coating of green!
So, there you have it. My thoughts upon Mudd Original Mask. I would most certainly re-purchase this. I feel as though every last particle of grime is removed from my face. What more could you ask for? Other than a more flattering shade of 'mud'!

Thank you!



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