Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring Pastels: Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream

I scrambled through all of my nail polishes to decided which one to coat my nails with. I feel like I'm in a tad of a rut, as far as nail polishes are concerned. As many of them I own, I still can't decide on which to apply! I thought I would try Barry M's Nail Paint in Strawberry Ice Cream, as I felt as though I have neglected it recently, as I tend to use this as a Summer colour. As we're into Spring, I thought this would fit perfectly into the pastels trend!
 For anyone that reads my blog posts, you will be aware I am obsessed with nail polishes, especially Barry M's. I have written a blog post on my collection, which you can read here! I love their vast range of colours, & they're trusted formulation. 

However, since applying this one, I remembered why I rarely use this one. I find this has a different formula & texture to the other one's I own. Whether this is just a faulty polish, or not, I find that it has a very much different consistency to the others. With some of Barry M's polishes, you can get away with applying one coat, whereas this, you unfortunately can't. As you can see from applying recommended two coats, this leaves the finish looking already worn & not neat & tidy. 
As I have mentioned tonnes in previous nail blog posts, I tend to apply my nail polish, not necessarily as neat as possible. As long as I coat my nails, I find throughout the rest of the evening, general housework, etc, removes the excess polish on the skin, around my nails. As lazy as this sounds, it suits me perfectly!

 From what I can gather, I personally believe this polish doesn't have a glossy formulation, that will sit perfectly into your nail bed & against your cuticles, which is why I can't achieve a perfected manicure, however, I can work past this, purely for its beautiful colour. 
Its a gorgeous block, matte (as in no shimmers), Spring/Summery, neutral pink, that I find suits all skin tones, as well as long/short nails. Once applied, this does leave a lovely finish to the nail. I contemplated adding some silver nail art to the nail, however, I thought this look pretty enough as it was. This colour is perfect for this current trend of pastels.

I'm so in love with this colour, I'm contemplating purchasing Berry Ice Cream, a gorgeous lilac colour! Peach Melba is also on my wish list. I could go on!..

If you have any questions, queries, etc, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you!



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