Thursday, 29 March 2012

Soap & Glory Minis!

Firstly, sorry for disappearing! One thing & another has been occurring recently. Anyway, I am back with a delicious review for you! I've always wanted to try Soap & Glory's products, from make up, to skincare. I've always heard positive reviews. Luckily for me, my other half surprised me with these when I was ill, which is really sweet. I'm so happy with what I chose for me! I love these. I honestly do not have a bad thing to say about the, so you're in for a positively glorious review!

As you can see, this is a beautiful sugary textured scrub. This applies to your skin, so gently, yet powerful enough to buff away at your dead skin, to reveal beautifully replenished, glowing skin. I feel so healthy & revived after using this.

A body buff, from Soap & Glory, containing babassu oil, sea salt & moisturising jojoba & mandarin oils. Scented with Mist You Madly's beautiful noted of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla & musk. - Boots.

This has a lovely thick consistency, which is perfectly rich. However, this doesn't apply heavily, feeling as though its clogging your skin, which is great! You don't often find body butters in a tube container, so I was thrilled to see this. As its a mini, also, its perfect for travelling or storing on your vanity table, which won't cause too much clutter! This is the perfect complimentary product to the Body Buff. 
New to Soap & Glory? I'd highly recommend these two as starters!

Divide a small plum-sized splodge of The Daily Smooth between shins, knees, thighs, elbows tops of toes & then everywhere else. Massage around until it starts to sink in. - Boots.

As far as hand creams are concerned, I've rarely been a fan. I always tend to feel irritated by product still lingering on my hands, then feeling as if you'd rather wash it off afterwards. Defying the point, really! However, I have heard nothing bit amazing things about this hyped up product. Firstly, I adore the name. You genuinely are feeding this to your hands, leaving them feeling moisturised, supple & soft. I don't find this product leaving my hands feeling greasy, or product residue still on my hands. The product its self is again, relatively thick, however, it immediately turns into a silky formulation, which glides through your fingers & your hands. You can see from the comparison, between the blended Body Buff product & the Hand Food product, that the above is a lot more thick & matte, where as the texture of the hand cream is beautifully glossy & smooth. The scent is absolutely divine, too! I always wondered whether this was just a hyped up product, mainly purchased for that one reason, however, I would without a doubt repurchase this!

Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream is super-silky gorgeously-scented hydrating hand cream featuring fennel & lotus flower extracts, which leaves your hands super smooth. - Boots.

So, that's my very first Soap & Glory products that I own! There is so many others I want to try dip my fingers into. Any recommendations would be great!

Thank you!



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