Saturday, 17 March 2012

LUSH Space Girl!

After an early weekend & an anniversary with my other half, I thought I would treat myself to a LUSH treat, in the form of Space Girl! This immediately caught my eye, as it looks so futuristic & glittery! Now I'm sure I am not the only one to be in love with literally any LUSH products, so it was tricky to choose just one! As soon as I entered the store, I'm always overwhelmed by all of the wonderful scents, that fill up in your nose! However, this particular one has a gorgeous scent, which I found to be exactly like Parma Violets (something which I haven't had in years, which I now intend to pick up)! This is quite a large Bath Bomb, which could easily do two baths, however, I plan to be greedy & use all of it up in one! As I looked it up online to find links, so on & forth with, I discovered this has popping candy inside! How amazing?! This is also dusted with some very pretty warm toned glitter, which perfectly compliments the lilac!
"Do you sometimes feel like you're on a different planet? Don't feel alien - retreat to the bathroom to float in your own personal space until you feel ready to touch down" - LUSH.

This leaves your bath water a gorgeous lavender colour, which isn't too off-putting, which some of their products can create! I also found that this Bath Bomb didn't leave a film, oily residue throughout bathing, which I've fund to happen with some before. This is definitely a products that I will re-purchase. 
The most amazing, surprising thing I discovered about this Bath Bomb, is it contains popping candy! Such a strange sound to hear from your bath tub, but I certainly enjoyed it! 

Have you experienced Space Girl?
What's your favourite LUSH product? 

Thank you!




  1. definately needing a trip to lush after reading this! :P xxx

  2. Thank you! Its absolutely gorgeous! Hope you enjoy!



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