Saturday, 24 March 2012

A little apology..

Unfortunately, I have been so busy lately. I always thought when I read people said this, that its a poor excuse, or it would only take half an hour to write a post. Although, now I am in the same situation - I know exactly how parents, workaholics, students, etc feel! I would much prefer to give a good quality content blog post, at least once a week, than a rushed little natter, which doesn't portray the positive outcome.

Well, this all explains my lack of posts! For anyone that has been in the same pickle, you will know how disappointing it is not not be able to blog as much as you would like. However! The Easter Holidays are coming up soon, so I'm very excited to cram in lots of reviews & what not! I've has so many ides & thoughts buzzing around, I can't wait to show you all them!

So, here is my sincere apology for not posting as many posts as I would have liked, for my lovely readers.
I feel I've had so much support upon creating my blog, for which I appreciate so much!
I can't wait to return to my original blogger self. I have missed it!

Thank you!




  1. It can be hard to find the time to blog! I look forward to seeing you back:) I've tagged you in a questions tag :)x

  2. Thank you. Its lovely to have people that understands!
    I shall have a look, thank you for tagging me!


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