Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Student/fashion dilemma!

So, as I am an art student, I tend to carry around sketchbooks, sometimes a few at a time. I hate carrying things, so I've invested in tonnes of Primark bags, which are the perfect size for a A3 sketchbook, amongst other bits, bobs & materials, etc. However, I had missed carrying around a actual bag, part from when I'm, not studying, so.. I'm on a hunt for a suitable bag, which will be preferably leather/weather proof, tough & long lasting, as it will be carrying around some weight! I've found a few I like, although I have yet to actually go into the store & try them out. Online, these seem perfect for what I am looking for..
River Island Black Side Studded Tote Bag
River Island Cream Side Studded Tote Bag
These in particularly I like out of them so far. Black, which goes with anything, it has studs, which is a must for me & its big. Hopefully big enough for my sketchbooks! I'm also loving the cream version, which will also go with everything. Decisions!
River Island Cream Snake Print Twist Lock Tote Bag
I like the added security & detail of the twist lock, at the front, opposed to the magnetic lock on the above bag. However, this could be good or bad, depending on whether my sketchbooks decided to peek over the top.
Grey Leopard Slouchy Shopper
Topshop Leopard Slouchy Shopper 
I thought this seemed quite large, which will be great for shoving all me things in, also the design adds something extra. This also has two different handles, so I can switch between, depending on the heaviness!

Leather Perforated Tote Bag
Topshop Leather Perforated Tote Bag
So, from what I've quickly browsed through, this is what I have came up with. I am steering towards the top black one. Have any of you's got this bag? What's it like? I'd love to hear some feedback!




  1. I found these ones on the New Look website, which I thought you might like!

    Pretty similar to the Topshop one, and only £5!

    Good size, and would go with everything!

    My friend has this, and it looks like real leather, and would go with every outfit! (also a good size!)

    out of the ones you picked I like the first one in black the best! I hope this helps! :)


  2. Thank you for all of the links! They've been so helpful, can't believe the first one is only £5, too! Might snap that up for a switch around!

    I like the black one, too. Its the first I noticed. I best get window shopping!

    Thank you!


  3. haha I know! it's such a bargain! :D

  4. Ah I have this problem too!
    The second bag by River Island is just gorgeous,
    Jannaire xo

  5. The black one is now sold out. I am devastated! Luckily I still love the cream one!



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