Friday, 24 February 2012

ColorON Professional Instant Eyeshadow Applicators

After very kindly being sent these products, I was slightly hesitant & sceptical about the idea of eyeshadow transfers. Initially, I thought they were a relaxed way of applying you make up, although since trying them, my views have changed. I took some photographs throughout the process of applying them, so you can get an insight into these, for yourselves.
I chose to apply a lilac & black smokey eye colour. I simply peeled away the top cellophane & foam layer, which revealed a circular foam piece, with the shadow on. I'd recommend you to be gentle in this process, as you don't want to get eyeshadow all over your fingers. Then I peeled away the circular shape. I like how there is a clear free edge, for you to manhandle the transfer, avoiding eyeshadow getting everywhere.
Firstly, apologise for my horrendous chipped nails! So, I began to apply this to my closed eyelid, whilst holding it using my fingers in a V shape. I then used my other hand to gently apply pressure to the transfer. You don't need to poke yourself in the eye! There is a lot of product on these little transfers, as they can be reused, so you don't have to make sure you've used every flake of product! Once you've peeled this away, you're left with the exact imprint on your eye. I was immediately impressed with this initial result, purely as I didn't really know what to expect. As you can see, the transfer has printed the design on to my lid. The next step is to gently blend. Once you have applied your transfer, keep the foam plate in safe keeping for now.
This result looks a lot more natural once blended! You don;t need to do an awful lot of work, just use a finger for the darker shadow & a clean finger for the light, just what you would do with brushes, only using your fingers. The texture of the product once applied to your eye is quite tacky, which I was surprised at. Its almost like a cream product, in the form of a eyeshadow transfer. The product was easy & quick to blend, to my desired look, which I found great for busy bodies.
Once I have applied & blended, you're left with a used transfer, which still has plenty of use left over. I simply placed his pack into its packaging, until I decided to next use it. This kit also contains a translucent setting powder, to keep your look in place, as well as a brush, which I thought was quite thoughtful for the kit.
To finish your look, you want to dip your brush into the #1 matte setting powder, which is indicated on the above label, located underneath your chosen eyeshadow transfer. #2 is a shimmer setting powder. You want to sweep this across all of the transfer on your eye. If you suffer from oilier eyelids, then you are recommended to apply a thicker layer of this powder.
To finish this look, I added a touch of eye liner for definition & a sleek of mascara. 
I have to say, I'm really impressed with these products. I'm surprised we haven't seen them sooner, with the nail transfers & nail tattoo's hitting out streets. You may initially think that this is just a lazy way to apply your make up, which admittedly, I agreed with. However, I have been mistaken. I am incredibly impressed with the simple application & the results. These are ideal for people who are ultimately too busy to apply make up, anyone new to make up, or if you;re just wanting to try something new.
This company also offers 30 different designs, from zebras, camouflage, metals & more! These may not be something you'd want to wear everyday, but are ideal for playing with different looks for parties or fancy dress. Some of the designs are so intricate, a novice may find it difficult to achieve the same look, just using various products & detailing brushes. Instead, you can simply apply a transfer, & your look is complete. 
If you'd like to read more into the company, you can check out their website here.

I hope you enjoyed this post & tutorial. Have any of you tried these products? If not, what's your initial 

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  1. ooooh these are what i reviewed a few weeks ago! i love them but don't really use them that much, but they're really cool! love this review xxx

  2. I think they're great for beginners or for a special occasion/fancy dress! They have so many different creations! No need for a fine detailing brush!

    Thank you!


  3. ps is your nail polish here the deborah lippmann one from december glossybox? :)

  4. Yeah, I've reviewed it & I've had a Nails of the Week on it! :)



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