Friday, 12 April 2013

Seventeen Dolld Up Mascara

As with probably every other beauty blogger and Boots lover, I received a newsletter full of coupons. Once of which, was a Seventeen Dolld Up Mascara for only £2! Originally, this does retail at £6.29, which isn't too bad, considering the price of some of the market! I really couldn't pass up this offer, especially as my current one was nigh on bone dry - sob. Firstly, I really like the packaging. I know some do hate it, but it looks sleek and subtle, rather than an unnecessarily large tube. 
For mascaras, I generally like a bristly brush. I find it coats my lashes the best, giving them a fluffy, fanned appearance. When I realised this mascara was a plastic, curved one, I didn't mind as much, as I only paid £2, but I normally would have steered away. However, I was too quick to judge! This gives a really nice separated look with one application. I wait until it goes tacky and apply a second coat. 
As the brush is comb-like, it removes clumps out the way, whilst evenly coating the lashes. I also really like how thin the wand is, allowing my to scoop it on top through my lashes, where my eyeshadow has fallen. This is an important step I need to take, as I have blonde eyelashes, and regularly wear black liquid liner, so having blonde hairs peeking in between, is a major no no!

You can find this at your local Boots for £6.29 (link). However, as this coupon deal has been recently circulating, I found it difficult to find it stocked it two of my major Boots stores, so I ended up finding it in a Boots store, that isn't so popularly located on the high street. 




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    1. It's super nice! I have only ever used 17s mascaras and they have been perfect! X


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